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Tomodachi Game (2022)

Animação Drama Mistério23m


Katagiri Yuuichi é um jovem que sempre pensou que amigos estavam acima do dinheiro, mas nunca esqueceu de quão complicado pode ser não ter uma boa situação financeira.

Elenco principal

Chiaki Kobayashi

Chiaki Kobayashi

Yuichi Katagiri (voice)
Daiki Hamano

Daiki Hamano

Tenji Misaka (voice)
Yume Miyamoto

Yume Miyamoto

Shiho Sawaragi (voice)
Tomohiro Ono

Tomohiro Ono

Makoto Shibe (voice)
Satomi Amano

Satomi Amano

Yutori Kokorogi (voice)
Minami Takayama

Minami Takayama

Manabu-kun (voice)
Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda

Maria Mizuse (voice)
Shizuka Itoh

Shizuka Itoh

Tsukino (voice)


Manabu-sensei (voice)


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1 - Ué? Yuuichi-kun está duvidando dos amigos?

Yuuichi tem problemas pela falta de dinheiro, mas se considera sortudo por ter amigos em quem pode confiar. Ou pelo menos podia.

2 - You Have a Lot to Say to Me, Don't You?

Yuichi and friends reach the end of Kokkuri-san, uncovering dimensions of trickery in the Tomodachi Game that they hadn't imagined. When they move on to a second game, a socially destructive version of sugoroku, the group struggles to maintain balance as personal secrets are revealed and trust is stretched to its absolute limit.

3 - There's No Way I'd Believe That

Dark secrets are exposed as the second game, Bad-Mouth Sugoroku, continues. Yutori is devastated when a traumatic episode from her past is revealed, leading her to suspect the only other person who knew—Shiho. As debts increase, the five friends are driven further apart. With no one else to turn to, Yutori clings to Yuichi for help, and Yuichi pledges his support.

4 - Seriously? That's So Cringe

Responsible for the theft of the class funds, the application to play Tomodachi Game, and the exposure of all kinds of dirty secrets in Bad-Mouth Sugoroku, Tenji now tries to alienate Shiho from the others so he can have her all to himself. As a result of his attempts, a rift develops between Shiho and Yutori that threatens to destroy their friendship. But while Tenji is busy sweet-talking Shiho and planning his next move, a "special chance" appears for Shiho that might change the direction of the game.

5 - Yuichi-kun, You're Pretty Dumb, Aren't You?

Shibe reels from the accusation that he has "actually killed a person." Despite protesting that he never did such a thing, he loses the audience's confidence and is thrust into first place. Meanwhile, Tenji finds himself in a distressing situation after realizing Yuichi is the one who wrote the card. Yuichi then makes the shocking announcement that he knows who the traitor is.

6 - I Really Can't Be Friends with a "Murderer"

Backed into a corner by Yuichi's plan, Tenji is forced to confess that he applied to play Tomodachi Game. Yuichi spells out the traps he set to smoke out the traitor and reveals that he had been manipulating the game from the start. The second game then reaches a breathtakingly unexpected conclusion.

7 - I'll Take 20 Million Yen Worth of Your Life

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.

8 - It's a Game Where You Wait, and Wait, and Wait...and Keep Waiting

The third game, Friendly Hide-and-Seek, begins. Rival Group K, bolstered by an apparent 'genius' strategist, proceeds with a clear numerical advantage. Eager to regain Yuichi's trust, Tenji volunteers to be Group C's hider, but the couple's plans are strained by the addition of a new female teammate, Mizuse Maria. Yuichi confidently tells Tenji to "just trust me and wait," but then doesn't return for days...

9 - Hurry Up and "Switch Sides"

Yuichi, who hasn’t left the starting point in the two days since the game began, suddenly announces his desire to switch to Group K. The Group K members, puzzled by Yuichi’s apparent intention to abandon his hiding teammate, ask their Captain to decide whether or not to let Yuichi in. Meanwhile, Tenji, who has stayed in hiding and trusted Yuichi all along, is finally reaching his physical breaking point.

10 - The Third Game Is Over!

Finally able to shake his Group K guards, Yuichi succeeds in delivering food to Tenji. After being pushed off the cliff by Yuichi, Maria slowly gets closer to her saviors Hyakutaro and Chisato, but that too is a trap set by Yuichi to destroy the friendships in Group K.

11 - Do You Really Have Noting You Care About?

With "true genius" Kei controlling things from the shadows, Group K succeeds in finding Tenji. Facing the "worst thing that could have happened," Tenji makes a phone call to a certain individual. The third game, Friendly Hide-and-Seek, then reaches its conclusion. While the two groups struggled to outwit each other, Shiho, Shibe, and Yutori, who had been temporarily released for the third game, returned to school only to be met with cold stares from their classmates.

12 - What's Most Important to Me Is...

Yuuichi goes to help Kokorogi knowing it will be very dangerous, but things could turn out worse than imagined.