I Wanted to Protect the Town24m

What can a single Tamer do against an entire army of 10,000 monsters with just a wolf, a dryad and a handful of slimes?


Trying Out a Party24m

Yujis party members dont have a high opinion of Tamers, but his tracking skills are too valuable to pass up. Maybe Yuji can change their minds once they see him in action.


I Meant Too Strong24m

Yuji overdoes everything, even when hes trying not to. But when a dragon appears underneath the calamitous blue moon, the Tamer may be the only one who can prevent disaster.


Truly Unusual Situations24m

A dragon is a formidable opponent. Thats precisely why Yuji needs to get up close and personal to fight it with... a dagger!?


That Cold Looked Troubling24m

A hard freeze means a high demand for firewood. Its time for Yuji to use his overpowered skills for a more mundane purpose, especially since delicious food is involved!


Infiltrating an Ominous Village24m

The bad news? Theres something sinister going on in that remote village. The good news? The cult stationed there has no idea Yuji is on to them.


Assassins in Pursuit24m

Yuuji has a price on his head and two assassins are after him. He could easily defeat them, but that would only make him a bigger target. This calls for a more unique approach.


We Got Some Monster Armor24m

If Yuji wants quality armor, hell need quality materials. And that means hunting a rare monster.


We Fought a Fire Dragon24m

Yuji must now protect the town from the kaiju-level threat of a rampaging Fire Dragon.


Didnt Seem Like a Good Time for That24m

According to legend, an emissary is supposed to stop the Blue Moon of Salvations leader. Steyl is now convinced that Yuji is the one hes been waiting for.


The Revelation Came True24m

The battle between Yuji and Walter begins in earnest, but that is only the beginning.


My Isekai Life24m

Yuji may be strong, but he cant fight the enemy and defend all the towns at once. If he wants to win, he needs to place his trust in all the friends he made along the way.