E se um leão majestoso aparecesse na visitação do zoológico e cochilasse?24m

Lloyd manages to somehow fail the test, sending those who are already aware of his strengths scrambling to figure out what went wrong.


E se alguém dissesse que faria qualquer coisa por você, e você ficasse grato, mas tivesse que recusar?24m

Marie saves Lloyd from a terrible fate by stopping the fight between him and Allan, and reveals her true identity to Chrome. Marie and Chrome decide to execute Maries plan to stop the kingdom from going to war.


E se o protagonista de um romance levasse a história a um grande final?24m

Marie faces off against the culprit that took over the kings body to drive the kingdom towards war. Meanwhile, Lloyd finds the courage to go against Maries own wishes to go and assist her.


E se alguém levasse os conselhos de paquera de uma revista muito a sério?24m

Peace returns to the kingdom. Lloyd, still oblivious to his strengths, continues to support his friends in any way he feels he can. Seeing Riho get depressed after meeting an old acquaintance, Lloyd devises a plan to cheer her up.


E se o concorrente claramente superior ganhar, mas o inferior também?24m

The magic contest is on! Selen faces Phyllo, Lloyd fights Mena, and Riho is prepared to settle her old grudge with Rol.


E se parecesse que você precisa limpar a bagunça e você estivesse prevendo isso?24m

Something is making people fall unconscious in an area around an expensive hotel owned by Chromes former colleague. Chrome sends Lloyd to fill in for lost manpower as a part-time job, but the rest of the usual gang end up there by coincidence.


E se vocês estivessem fingindo que eram namorados, mas a farsa acabasse se tornando realidade?24m

Selen successfully argues that taking Lloyd out on a lovey-dovey date is somehow beneficial for everyone. As they proceed with their “investigation,” Kikyou the spy, believing Lloyd is the unwitting culprit, approaches from the shadows.


E se você visitasse uma masmorra e encontrasse três chefões?24m

Witnesses report a huge snake monster in a dungeon near the city. The king sends the cadets to investigate. However, Alka, Micona, and the mysterious man Sou all get involved for their own reasons.


E se alguém sugerisse fazer uma viagem para a Terra do Nunca ou algo impossível assim?24m

Alka takes Lloyd and his friends back to the village of Kunlun to restore Vritra to his original form. The visitors get a glimpse of the superhuman life of a Kunlun resident.


E se o vilão começasse a aparecer e desaparecer como se fosse um filme?24m

Eug begins performing the suspiciously delicious-looking ritual to bring Vritra back to his full, stable form. However, things dont seem to be going exactly as Eug claims.


E se uma criança da última masmorra longínqua se acostumasse à vida em uma cidade inicial?24m

Lloyd rescues Alka from Eugs trap and rushes back to Azami. Eug, Sou and Shoma put their plan in motion, but Marie, Riho, Selen and the others take a stand to resist them.