Glitterific~☆ Shining In Space, Cure Star Is Born!24m

Hoshina Hikaru is a second-year middle school student who loves space! One night, as she was drawing some constellations, she met a mysterious fairy. She got warped to space for a little bit before waking up the next morning, thinking it was all a dream. But it wasnt so, so Hikaru proceeds to name the fairy Fuwa. She meets two aliens: Lala and Prunce who came to Earth to find Fuwa but a bad alien, Kappard had followed them to get Fuwa first. But Hikaru transformed into the legendary warrior, Cure Star to protect Fuwa.


A Friend From Space✰ Cure Milky Is Born!24m

The rocket that Lala and Prunce were operating had gotten some damage, so Lala decided shed try to repair it. Hikaru is surprised to hear Lala is 13 years old, like herself, but that Lala is also considered an adult back at home. At the same time, Lala was secretly upset that she couldnt become a Pretty Cure as well. As if he heard her doubts, Kappard appeared and was too tough for Star to handle on her own. So Star sends encouragement to Lala who was defending Fuwa. This helped give Lala some courage that led to her debut as Cure Milky!