A 'Naked' Hero Arises!25m

Peace and quiet is the best! Thats the motto of everyday high schooler, Tomoki Sakurai. But his peaceful life is being torn apart after the girl Ikaros suddenly fell from the sky one day. She calls herself a Pet-class Angeloid, and Tomoki her Master because hes the first person on Earth she met. Also, she has the mysterious power to make all his wishes come true!


Heavenly Romance25m

Sohara is in a bad mood after seeing Sakurai on top of Ikaros and getting the wrong idea. Ikaros hastily chases after her and, as such, Ikaros follows him to school. A card that Sakurai receives from Ikaros glows, and in that instant, Soharas panties come off and go flying into the sky. It doesnt take much time at all before all the girls in schools panties are flying off into the sky!


An Angeloid's First Order25m

Tomoki, suffering from a never-ending amount of math homework, decides to have Sugata-senpai help him out. President Satsukitane leads him to Sugatas home, only to find that its a tent pitched next to a river! Tomoki and the gang have fun camping next to the river after finishing their homework. Ikaros is told to go shopping for ingredients when they all decide to make curry, but...


Love and a Triangle — Again25m

The flock of panties that flew off into the sky in Episode 2 have returned to Tomoki! Tomoki is estatic, but Sohara uses one of Ikaross cards to make it so that any panties Tomoki sees will explode. Tomoki decorates his house with all of the panties, without knowing what Sohara has done. Will Tomoki be able to escape from his home with panty explosions looming around every corner? Its the first real action in SoraOto!


A Steamy Night with a Big Shot25m

Long story short, Tomokis house is destroyed. Wandering aimlessly, in search of a place to stay, Tomoki and Ikaros are lent a hand by the class president, Satsukitane. Sohara and Sugata join the mix as they are invited to the home of the towns #1 big shot. They are given a warm reception. But, when they wake up in the morning, theres an angry mob with them!


Swimsuit Troops Go! Go! Go!25m

Summer vacation. The entire New World Discovery Club heads to the beach. Tomoki is surrounded by attractive girls in their swimsuits, but ends up having to deal with Ikaros. Sohara explodes with jealousy as Tomoki has his full attention on Ikaros. Ikaros shows another frightening side of herself because of a small situation and the second Angeloid...


The 'Cute' New Girls25m

Ikaros and Nymph also settle down in Sakurais house. They get bored while Itsuki is at school, use a card, and transfer into his school! They instantly become popular as two new beautiful transfer students. But then what does Nymph do when she quickly gets bored at school...?


For Whom is the Festival Thrown?25m

A fun festival in Sorami town. But, at the student body presidents suggestion, the entire town is turned into a survival game! The winner gets $100,000! Gunfire and shrieks fill the air, and who is the mysterious old man who lurks at night? Admist the chaos, Nymph and Ikaros team up to battle for their lives!


A Story that Starts with a Lie25m

Tomoki and the gang go to an outdoor BBQ. Tomoki tries to open a stall to make some money, but no matter what he does it fails. Then he gets Nymphs help to open a host club! Meanwhile, Ikaros is trying to act like a human for Tomokis sake when she hears the words Its human to lie.


Where the Words of Angels Go25m

Its a musical showdown at the Cultural Fair! Ikaros is the star of the show when Tomoki and the gang put a band together and take on the classical orchestra of the nearby private academy!


Let's Go! My Paradise25m

Tomokis on a mission to sneak into the girls bathing area. With Sugatas assistance (and one of Ikaross cards) he devises the perfect disguise to accomplish his goal: he transforms into a cute girl!


The Chain Which Doesn't Grant Escape25m

No matter how hard their friends try to help, Ikaros and Nymph just cant seem to crack a smile. After the Angeloids decide to work on the problem together, they take Tomoki out on the town for a three-way date!


Heaven's Lost Property25m

After surprising Tomoki with a sudden farewell, Ikaros endures a treacherous encounter with Harpy and Gamma. If Ikaros can find a way to defeat them, she may finally break her chains and find the happiness she desires.