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Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita (2021)

Animação Comédia Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


A história acompanha Red, um aventureiro que é expulso da grupo de heróis após ser apontado como um atraso para os demais guerreiros, já que, mesmo tendo sido escolhido, ele não tem grandes habilidades mágicas ou físicas. Sendo jogado fora pelos seus companheiros, Red se afasta das batalhas e decide viver uma vida pacifica em uma cidade distante, mas as constantes cobranças do seu passado, assim como o aparecimento de uma bela garota chamada Rit, e de seus antigos membros de equipe, faz com que não seja tão simples assim viver do jeito que Red espera.

Elenco principal

Ryota Suzuki

Ryota Suzuki

Red (voice)
Kanon Takao

Kanon Takao

Rit (voice)
Naomi Ozora

Naomi Ozora

Ruti (voice)
Sora Amamiya

Sora Amamiya

Yarandrala (voice)
Taku Yashiro

Taku Yashiro

Ares (voice)
Aya Uchida

Aya Uchida

Theodora (voice)
Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake

Danan (voice)
Rie Kugimiya

Rie Kugimiya

Tisse (voice)
Kohei Amasaki

Kohei Amasaki

Albert (voice)


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1 - You're Not a True Comrade

Red enjoys the slow life, gathering medicinal herbs and saving to open a shop. His life wasn't always so simple, but he's keeping that to himself. When a local boy falls ill, Red springs into action. Rit is intrigued when she hears of this, but why?

2 - The Princess Who Didn't Join the Hero's Party

Red hoped for the slow life but not slow business. Rit offers to help, but is it more than he wants? Red reflects on their history together and how Rit has changed. The Hero's party welcomes a new member and prepares for a new quest.

3 - Let's Start Our Quiet Life Together

Red and Rit's partnership begins. Red explains how Blessings works to Tanta and his friend. Rit helps try to get Red's new concoction approved. Red tries a new product to boost sales. Some of the Heroes' party have second thoughts about Gideon leaving.

4 - Of Mead and Motives

Red ponders his new life. Rit has a hankering for mead. Red gets an unfriendly visit. A sauna trip turns into a "heated" contest. Zeff's sauna business is in need of saving. Red finally learns what caused Rit's hankering. The Hero's party is on the rocks.

5 - The Amber Bracelet

Rit has some important visitors who want her back in the guild, and they're not the only ones. Red gives Rit a gift, and she recalls the time she spent with him in the Hero's party. Rit has a run-in with Dir. Ruti recalls how she felt when Red left.

6 - The Rampage Begins

Red's visit with Dr. Newman becomes an emergency. Red and Rit have fun by the river. Will they take it to the next level? The Hero's Party seeks the former Demon Lord's weapon. Red reminisces about Ruti. A stormy night is suddenly interrupted.

7 - The Chaos After the Storm

Al is injured, but where are his parents? Ademi vanishes after accusations arise, and the people rise in protest. Red springs into action when Tanta is hauled in for questioning. The Hero's party's quest for the previous Demon Lord's weapon ends.

8 - The Man Who Would Be a Hero

The double bed finally arrives. Rit tries to thwart a plot. Bighawk unveils his plan. When one of his own is in danger, Red comes to the rescue. Albert's quest for glory takes a dark turn. Al defuses an angry mob and heads off on his first adventure.

9 - Days of Peace and Ease

Ruti and Tisse go on a quest for a certain medicine, but can they avoid attracting attention? Red and Rit try to drum up business. Red and Tisse unwittingly cross paths. Rit and Red aid a sick fay. Ruti finds what she's looking for and then some.

10 - The Story of Saving the Hero

Ruti reunites with Gideon and tries to get him to rejoin her party. But seeing how happy he is, she has to make a tough choice. Tisse and Ruti have a communication breakdown. Bui hunts for something he needs. Ruti opens up about her emotions.

11 - A Gathering of Champions

Tisse gets Red up to speed about Ruti's situation. Red and Danan catch up. Ares encounters Danan, too, but something doesn't add up. Red and company head for an ancient ruins to find Ruti, but a fateful showdown awaits when former comrades cross paths.

12 - A Parting of Ways

Red and company seek Ares in the ancient elven ruins. Ares tries to make Ruti return to her role as the Hero. Danan confronts and exposes Bui and Theodora makes a shocking move. Friendships are tested and comrades betrayed in a climactic battle.

13 - The Guide

Ruti learns what it means to be the Hero, and Theodora has a change of heart. Ruti enjoys the slow life. Red and company attend Ares' funeral and ponder the mystery of the holy swords. Red and Rit grow even closer, but is a complication on the horizon?