A Yakuza's Wife24m

Nagasumi, a teenage boy, is saved by the chivalrous mermaid Sun while drowning in the ocean off the coast of Seto Island. Mermaid society rules are strict — in order for both Nagasumi and Sun to stay alive, they have to get married. Little does Nagasumi know that Suns mermaid clan is in fact a Yakuza organization.


Legend of the Ring24m

Nagasumi enjoys his first date with Sun at the Bon Festival. However, most stalls are operated by the Seto-Gumi. Later, Nagasumi soon finds out that Suns legs revert into a tail when she is splashed with water and must protect her by drying her legs.


Island Closest to Heaven24m

Sun and Nagasumi get to spend a whole day alone on a deserted island. However, this is a trap meant to eliminate Nagasumi, as the groups notorious assassin and longtime friend of Suns, the Spiral Shell Maki, is after his life.


Life is Tough for a Guy24m

As a dutiful wife, Sun follows Nagasumi back to his house in the city, where she is to live with him and his parents. However, the first day back turns out to be quite hectic and eventful.


Targeted School24m

Sun and Nagasumi attend their first day of school. Suns father and the gang have all become teachers at their junior-high school, and Nagasumis friend Sarutobi falls in love with Sun. Nagasumi must survive constant attacks from his new teachers.


Ojou-san, Be Gentle with Me24m

Mawari notices Suns fishtail and comes to the conclusion that Sun is a fish. She keeps trying to splash Sun with water in order to verify her theory, but Nagasumi protects Sun, while at the same time trying to save Mawaris life from the mermaid code of law.



Nagasumi runs into Lunar, a popstar idol; her mermaid form is accidentally revealed to him. In turn, Lunar plans on making Nagasumi her slave forever. He finds out she is a childhood friend and rival of Sun. Lunar soon makes a plan to settle the score with Sun once and for all.



The situation at school keeps escalating, and even Maki is hurt in the process. In order to avoid total war, Nagasumi comes up with a plan to settle everything in a singing competition between Sun and Lunar, with Nagasumi himself as the collateral.


Battle Runner24m

Nagasumis life only gets more hectic with the arrival of Kai Mikawa, a handsome, rich, but agoraphobic merman, who insists that Sun is his fiancé. Kai transfers to the school and challenges Nagasumi for Suns hand in marriage during Sports Festival Day.


Man of Steel24m

A strange, huge, practically invincible man, stalks Nagasumi and nothing can get in his way. Nagasumi tries to tell his friends, but initially no one believes him. Eventually Nagasumi runs into Kai and they both start running for their lives. This episode is a slight parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.



After Sun and Lunar go on a diet, Suns father buys her all sorts of presents to help her out, including some special mer-water that energizes and gives strength. But many problems arise when Nagasumi drinks it by accident, not only giving him the powers of a merman, but also growing him to gigantic proportions.


Love Slave24m

Nagasumis mom and Sun go shopping for groceries, leaving Lunar alone with Nagasumi. Lunar plans to make her slave help her study for school since she is getting zeros on all her tests. Eventually it gets to the point where Lunar starts to come on to Nagasumi while outwardly stating that she would never fall in love with a human. Through many badly timed, but well-meaning errors, Nagasumi ends up being engaged to Lunar.


The Poem of Love24m

Nagasumi is taken back to Lunars house where a wedding ceremony is going to soon begin. Moments before Nagasumi is meant to become her husband, Nagasumi voices his disapproval of a false wedding, and promptly refuses to continue with the wedding. Suddenly, Sun appears and voices her disagreement with the wedding as she uses her sword to defeat Lunars guards and announce her love for Nagasumi.


A Kitten's Story24m

Nagasumi finds a kitten and brings it to school. Nagasumi soon discovers that Sun, Lunar, and Maki are all deathly afraid of cats, and gets the idea to test it on Kai and Gōzaburō too, but before that learns that most mermaid adults are not afraid of cats anymore as they eventually get over their fear; this however does not apply to Gōzaburō due to a tragic experience as a child. Nagasumi decides to make this into an advantage.


What's Your Name?24m

Nagasumi, Sun, Lunar, Mawari, Saru, and Mikawa go on what is supposed to be a double date. As Nagasumi goes to get a juice ordered by Lunar, he accidentally bumps into the class president in an intersection, whom he doesnt recognize. It is now known that the class president has a crush on Nagasumi. Nagasumi accidentally steps and breaks her glasses lying on the ground so she doesnt recognize him. After she gets new ones she recognizes Nagasumi and runs away. As soon as he catches up and asks her name she runs away again saying shell tell him the next time they meet.


Minority Report24m

Akeno Shiranui, a mermaid examiner has come to record and observe mermaids that doesnt fit well with humans and send them back to their origin. Now Sun must overcome her own fear and tries her best not to fail the examination with Akeno keeping an eye on Suns every action.


Prefectural Police vs. Gangsterism24m

Defeated by Akeno, a group of delinquent lords follow her around which mislead Mawari into believing Akeno was also a delinquent. In order to protect the society, Mawari decides to go all out against Akeno. Meanwhile, The teachers from Seto clan also plotting their own plan against Akeno. Though Sun finally convinces Mawari to rethink of the situation, the unstoppable clashes has already begun.


Gate of Flesh24m

The whole class went for a sudden trip to Kyoto. After an incident where Maki attacked Akeno, Sun apologizes to her, but Akeno issues that shes interested in Suns mermaid body and asks her permission to investigate them at bathroom. Unknown to them, Nagasumi and Mawari misheard this conversation and issue an investigation of their own.


There is no business like show business24m

After the attempt to rid of Nagasumi from Sun fails. Akeno is now undertaking a mission, to foil Nagasumi by forcing him to gulp down a mermaid drink which will release mortals of their strongest desires, thus forcing Sun to break away from Nagasumi. The plan fails, however, when everyone except Nagasumi gets drunk.


An Elegy of Men24m

Lunars father searches for ways to express his love and cheer up his precious daughter when he accidentally spots a Galge from a search engine. Armed with his new knowledge, an iron will and an iron body, Lunars father once again attempts to comfort Lunar (to everyones horror), while convincing Gōzaburō about a daughters heart in the process.


A Fuss About Love24m

Nagasumi receives a love letter from the class president. Being the first love letter he has received in is life, he completely loses his mind. Maki takes the letter from Nagasumis pocket and reads it outloud for everyone to hear. Mawari, Lunar, Sun, Gozaburo, and other relevant people hide behind a bush to see whether Nagasumi comes or not. Nagasumi comes and is beaten by Lunars dad and Gozaburo.


An Idol24m

Lunar tries hard to practice her part in a drama. She gets Sun to help her be her lover as a man. Unfortunately, Sun goes overboard and eventually gets stopped. Afterwards, Lunar gets to her next job in the Cultural Competition and has to practice Ventriloquism. So she uses Maki as her left hand. But things start to get even worse.


Man Without a Past24m

Believing Masa was an acquintance of her older brother, Akeno asks Masa about her brothers whereabouts, but Masa had lost his memories before joining the Seto clan. Gōzaburō then reveals to Nagasumi that Akenos brother is actually Masa himself. While unaware of this fact, Akeno intend to punish her brothers for his irresponsibility, forcing Nagasumi to protect Masa using any methods available.


Farewell, Friend24m

Kai has an embarrassing problem about himself that he wants to keep a secret from others. It ends up that he just has a boil on his butt, however, Saru passes by the hospital where Kai had gone to pick up his medicine, and overhears the doctor and nurse talking about how Kai has an incurable disease. Saru then tells the others. Heartbroken, they all try to give Kai the best time of his life during his last moments.


The Family Game24m

It is first time that Sun and Nagasumi has a quarrel, and both end up not talking to each other. At the same time, the members of Seto Group are invited to join a party held by a noble. However, the party is a trap.


The Place Where You Return24m

Nagasumi, Kai, and Lunar go to save Sun. Once they get there, the Seto Group manages to break free and a huge battle commences. Nagasumi manages to save Sun and he tells her he loves her and he wants to stay with her forever.