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Servant x Service (2013)

Animação Comédia24m


Anime sobre os funcionários do escritório de saúde e bem-estar de uma certa cidade. Os recém-chegados Hasebe Yutaka, Yamagami, Miyoshi Saya, e seu supervisor Ichimiya Taishi passam pelas peculiaridades cotidianas do trabalho em seu escritório.

Elenco principal

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Hasebe Yutaka
Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano

Yamagami Lucy
Aki Toyosaki

Aki Toyosaki

Chihaya Megumi
Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

Ichimiya Taishi
Rumi Okubo

Rumi Okubo

Ichimiya Touko
Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara

Miyoshi Saya
Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka

Momoi Kanon
Rikiya Koyama

Rikiya Koyama

Momoi Kenzou
Tetsuya Kakihara

Tetsuya Kakihara

Tanaka Jouji


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1 - Cuidado sobre como você se refere a alguém e por quê

Yamagami Lucy sought employment as a government worker for revenge. After she was born, her parents couldn’t decide on a name, but finally chose the name “Lucy”. She wants revenge on the civil servant who approved the official papers.

2 - Não entre em pânico, faça uma cena ou jogue fora seu emprego

Toko, Taishi’s younger sister, is a high school girl that comes by the office to make sure everyone is doing their job, and that they are well-educated civil servants. Megumi tries to guess Lucy’s cup size and she reveals her obsession with cosplay.

3 - Não negligencie a segurança de você ou do seu local de trabalho

Ichimiya’s confidence as a senpai has not grown much since supervising the 3 newcomers. His chance to prove himself arrives with Lucy needing help with a “sensitive” subject.

4 - Cuidado com o perigo invisível da próxima semana

Chihaya announces to Hasebe that she’s his rival with regards to Lucy. With the group gathered around the Section Manager desk, an incredible thing happens.

5 - Todo mundo tem chamadas fechadas. Aprenda com eles e mantenha o local de trabalho saudável

Lucy gets drunk at the company party and was taken home by Hasebe. The morning after, she finds a strange woman lying next to her when she woke up. Because of this, she finds out the other side of Hasebe.

6 - Examine problemas inesperados e esconda-esconde

As the Section Manager is watching over the three new employees, he feels like there is an invisible wall between the three of them and himself and tries to find out what he’s lacking. Then suddenly, another high school girl shows up to the ward office…

7 - Auto-prevenção, há pessoas onde você não pode ver

Chihaya drops by Toko’s apartment unannounced to spend time together when a surprised Ichimiya returns home to see his girlfriend and sister playing games.

8 - Um broto perigoso, cuidado com o neto de Tanaka

Lucy has the deal with the problem of her name and the trouble of Hasebe continuing to ask her out. The rivalry between Tanaka and Hasebe grows and Hasebe takes on an even more relaxed nature.

9 - Você tem? Capacidade Mental e Acumulação de Sentimentos

Chihaya goes berserk as she starts to think about Ichimiya, Toko and a lot of other things in her life. Meanwhile, Lucy and Miyoshi go out to dinner with Kaoru, who tells them about Hasebe and Jyoji when they were kids.

10 - Será bom mais tarde, ao mesmo tempo, coisas boas podem causar arrependimentos enormes

Chihaya has finally decided to tell Toko that she’s going out with Ichimiya but apparently that doesn’t go as planned. The next day, Miyoshi tells Chihaya to make sure she doesn’t regret anything, but then Miyoshi is faced with a bunch of regrets…

11 - Cuidado com a armadilha doce que tenta atrair você

Lately, Lucy hasn’t been able to talk to Hasebe outside of work. While looking for where he might be, somehow the section manager gets kidnapped?!

12 - Esperar um momento, estar acostumado e despreparado são uma ameaça à vida

Megumi took three days off to finish all of her costume projects, including the dress Lucy is to wear during her date with Yutaka. Megumi warned Taishi not to text her, call her, or come to her apartment, but…

13 - Agora estamos prontos, um local de trabalho divertido que leva ao amanhã

We finally find out who approved Lucy’s name, but Hasebe is too scared to tell Lucy, fearing that she will hate him. Meanwhile, Lucy is concerned about the fact that Hasebe seems distant ever since their date.