In Name Only23m

Masterless samurai Masanosuke Akitsu life is changed after a chance encounter with Yaichi, who offers the timid swordsman a bodyguard job and invites him into the mysterious world of the Five Leaves.


Make Love to Me23m

Masanosuke begins to grow more comfortable within the world of the Five Leaves, but despite his efforts to learn more about Yaichi, the gang leader remains a riddle.


Gradually Drag Him In23m

Thanks to Yaichi, Masanosukes found a job as a bodyguard at a rice wholesaler. The work is steady and the samurai hopes to keep the position for a long time - but the situation might be too good to be true.


Sure Gets Carried Away23m

Masanosuke gets hired as a bodyguard at the brothel where Yaichi lives. If he can keep from getting fired, hell be able to send his family some money - and maybe learn more about the elusive leader of the Five Leaves.


It'll be Fine23m

Masanosuke recuperates from an illness at the Elders house, where he is encouraged to leave the world of the Five Leaves behind. The samurai also learns the reasons behind Umezos involvement with the gang.


Count Yourself Lucky23m

Masanosukes still healing at the Elders house, and while Umezo occasionally visits to check up on him, Yaichi remains reluctant to make an appearance. Meanwhile, Denshichi investigates the source of Senkichis funds.


Thoughtless Of Me23m

Masanosukes back in Edo after recovering from his recent illness, but the samurai finds he still has problems when a tough adversary from the past challenges him to a new face-off.


I Have Two Benefactors23m

When Matsukichi hears that Kiku-yas owner is having problems, his decision to try and help out results in even bigger troubles. Masanosuke and Umezos growing concerns lead them to investigate.


I've Come to Rescue You23m

Masanosuke sets out to rescue Matsukichi and settle the matter of the stolen wooden tags. Meanwhile, Sachi, Masanosukes little sister, is on a mission of her own after running away from home.


Dirty Stray Cat23m

Yaichis strange behavior is becoming a concern for people at Katsura-ya. Meanwhile, Masanosuke learns more about Yagis past following a graveside visit.


Please Excuse Me23m

Masanosuke begins to understand what motivates Yaichi to keep kidnapping, even when the rest of the gang sees no need. Hoping to learn more of Yaichis past, Masanosuke visits Elder.


Already Staggering23m

Yaichi joins Yagi for a drink, where they reminisce about the past and old friends. Later, tensions escalate after a confrontation between Jin and Yaichi leads to a confession about the kidnapping.