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Sakura Quest (2017)



No despertar de um movimento nacional durante o período de bolha econômica, uma cidade pequena no campo restaurou seu programa turístico de "mini-nação", contratando cinco garotas como embaixadoras de viagem. A série seguirá ao longo de um ano, onde cinco meninas trabalham na agência de turismo de uma pequena cidade em dificuldades num esforço para revigorá-la.

Elenco principal

Ayaka Nanase

Ayaka Nanase

Yuno Kinchun
Mikako Komatsu

Mikako Komatsu

Kouzuki Sanae
Chika Anzai

Chika Anzai

Midorikawa Maki
Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda

Shiori Shimonomiya
Chiemi Tanaka

Chiemi Tanaka

Oribe Ririko


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1 - Off to Magical Manoyama

After being rejected in over 30 job applications, Yoshino Koharu finally gets an offer. She probably should have read the contract more carefully...

2 - The Gathering of the Five Champions

Yoshino faces her first trial as queen: sell one thousand boxes of the tourist board's mistakenly-ordered snacks before their expiration date is up!

3 - The Cry of the Mandrake

Yoshino investigates the town's passion for kabura, which leads to a strange showdown between their two kabura-based mascots!

4 - The Lone Alchemist

The Queen and her Ministers come up with some exciting ideas to promote Manoyama wood-carving! Unfortunately, not all of the locals are thrilled.

5 - The Budding Yggdrasil

Yoshino recruits a local artist to help the team design a big project for Manoyama Sculpture. Meanwhile, Sanae reflects on her work and its meaning.

6 - The Rural Masquerade

A film crew has arrived to film a zombie movie. The Tourism Board attempts to cater to their demands while turning it into an opportunity to promote the town wherever possible. Maki is having issues with her own aspirations as an actress.

7 - The Mansion in Purgatory

The movie shoot and all the activity in town forces Maki to further reflect on her acting aspirations, as well as her relationship with her father.

8 - The Fairy's Recipe

Yoshino and the Ministers struggle to find the right dish for their new C-Rank Gourmet plan. Meanwhile, Shiori finds that her sister has a mysterious relationship with an old classmate.

9 - The Lady's Scales

Shiori reveals her plan to bring together the Board of Merchants and the Tourism Board, along with the rest of the town.

10 - The Dragon's Soft Spot

The singles in the local Community Club organize a matchmaking tour with women from the city, with Yoshino and the Ministers as tour guides.

11 - The Forgotten Requiem

The matchmaking tour continues! Meanwhile, Ririko investigates the tale of the town's dragon, and discovers some new things about herself in the process.

12 - The Dawn Guild

Yoshino and the Ministers prepare for the Kingdom of Chupakabura's Founding Festival, and are repeatedly surprised at who signs on to help out!

13 - The Marionette's Banquet

The day of the Founding Festival finally arrives. Will the help of the TV network pay off? How will it change Manoyama?

14 - The Queen, Convicted

It's summer break! Yoshino reunites with old friends and family when she visits her hometown. Maki and Sanae go back to Tokyo, while Shiori and Ririko work on a B and B proposal.

15 - The Queen's Return

A group of Spanish cryptid enthusiasts visit Manoyama in search of the Chupakabura. Meanwhile, Yoshino and the others work to find b and b's for Manoyama.

16 - The Harlequin on the Pond

Ushimatsu's desperate attempts to pull something from the pond reveal a dark past.

17 - The Sphinx's Antics

The Ministers begin their search for the festival treasures, and introduce some of the more remote seniors to the Internet.

18 - Minerva's Saké Saucer

The seniors of Warabiya stage a revolt against the Kingdom of Chupakabura, and the Queen herself is taken hostage!

19 - The Foggy Folklore

Maki receives a reply about her application for a role in a movie, and must once again reflect on her dreams. Meanwhile, Yoshino tries to figure out how the town can use one of their old, shut-down schools.

20 - The Phoenix in the Holy Night

The Ministers open up an old school to serve hot lunch, and come up with a new plan to promote the old building when that doesn’t go so well.

21 - The Pixie in the Town of Ice

Erika attempts to escape from Manoyama, but ends up staying with the Ministers. Meanwhile, Yoshino and Sanae try to gather support from shop owners for the Mizuchi Festival revival.

22 - The New Moon Luminarie

Erika continues her stay with the Ministers, and Shiori tries to convince her that Manoyama isn't such a bad place. Also, the hunt for the Golden Dragon comes to an exciting conclusion!

23 - The Crystal of Melting Snow

Yoshino receives an offer from an Manoyama alumni to open a branch of the highly successful Belem bakery in the town. Many of the owners in the shopping district are unwilling to give up store space, as they still live above. Meanwhile, Kadota informs everybody of some unfortunate news.

24 - The Eternal Obelisk

Dark rumors of civic plotting abound as the revival of the Mizuchi Festival draws near.

25 - The Kingdom of Cherry Blossoms

Will the festival be a success? Will Mr. Kadota make it back in time for the play? What will Yoshino do when her contract expires?