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RPG Fudousan (2022)

Animação Comédia Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


A história acompanha Kotone, uma maga que acaba indo trabalhar em uma agencia imobiliária, onde precisa ajudar desde necromancers até guildas criadoras de pégasus a encontrar um lugar que possam chamar de lar.

Elenco principal

Honoka Inoue

Honoka Inoue

Kotone Kazairo (voice)
Hina Kino

Hina Kino

Fa (voice)
Natsumi Kawaida

Natsumi Kawaida

Rufuria (voice)
Manaka Iwami

Manaka Iwami

Rakira (voice)
Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa

Satona (voice)
Minami Takahashi

Minami Takahashi

Seira (voice)
Kuroki Honoka

Kuroki Honoka

Mona (voice)


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1 - Welcome to RPG Real Estate! Room-Searching for the First Time!

Kotone is a 16-year-old girl from the countryside. She travels to Dali, the capital city of the kingdom of Actus, to find a place to live where she can start a new life.

2 - Troublesome Property! First Business Trip to the Dark Lord's Castle

Kotone, Rufuria and Fa go on a business trip to the Dark Lord's Castle. Their boss, Satona, has plans for properties in the area.

3 - For Real! Dragon, Ghost, Overwhelming Magic?!

A property owned by one of RPG Real Estate's clients is definitely haunted. Who would ever want to live in such a place?

4 - Always Together! A Property Packed With Pets, Dreams, and Friendship!

A young woman visits RPG Real Estate, looking for a property that she can live in with her pet. However, the pet isn't exactly the type one usually keeps in an apartment.

5 - Summer! We Found a Great House for Wearing Swimsuits!

A mysterious individual approaches Kotone and offers her a house for free. Kotone wastes no time and jumps on the opportunity, without a single doubt or worry.

6 - A Melody for the Grim Reaper!? We're All Friends! Let's Get Along!

Kotone is concerned about the strange atmosphere Fa displays before falling asleep. However, a housing crisis prevents her from looking into the issue further.

7 - Doors, Doors, Doors! Open the Door to Summer Vacation!

Kotone is stumped. She needs the coworkers' help to figure out how to find tenants for a mysterious house. After that, she takes a vacation to visit her family with Fa.

8 - Wha!? Finding a Dream Home Through Fortune Telling!?

More quirky clients visit RPG Real Estate to find new homes. Meanwhile, the random attacks by the mysterious and elusive dragon continue.

9 - Nyan! One More Deal Until We Meet Our Goal! Let's Make Our Wishes Come True at the Millennium Star Festival!

The team is one deal away from meeting their monthly goals. They are approached by a property owner who owns a hot springs inn.

10 - Woes of Longevity! I Need a Sturdy House That I Can Live in for a Long Time!

Fa goes missing, which prevents Kotone from focusing on work. Meanwhile, another quirky client arrives at RPG Real Estate. This time, it's an elf, who lives longer than most houses can physically last.

11 - Fa, Let's Go Home Together

With the help of Toto and her pegasus Shiro, Kotone is able to catch up with Fa and save her. Can they stop the rampaging dragon?

12 - Thanks, Everyone! RPG Real Estate's New Journey Begins!

Under the control of a mysterious magic, Fa, in her dragon form, strikes Kotone. The impact appears to be fatal.