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Rokka no Yuusha (2015)

Animação Mistério Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy23m


Quando Majin acorda de seu sono profundo, a deusa do destino irá escolher seis heróis e presentear-lhes com o poder de salvar o mundo. Os heróis escolhidos são identificados através de uma flor que nasce em algum lugar de seus corpos e assim são conhecidos como “Os heróis das Seis Flores”. Adlet, um garoto arrogante que diz ser o guerreiro mais forte do mundo, foi um dos escolhidos. Os seis escolhidos são designados a ir a um locar predestinado, mas ao chegar lá, eles se veem em 7. Um deles é um impostor e os heróis acabam achando que o sétimo é um inimigo, a suspeita inicial cai sobre Adlet.

Elenco principal

Soma Saito

Soma Saito

Ai Kakuma

Ai Kakuma

Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura

Rina Sato

Rina Sato

Koki Uchiyama

Koki Uchiyama

Aoi Yuki

Aoi Yuki

Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa



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1 - The Strongest Man In The World

Piena, the largest nation on the continent, is having its annual ritual dance festival. The semi-finalists and winner are allowed to compete against the previous champion, Princess Nachetanya. One of the competitors is a daring boy, Adlet Meyer.

2 - First Journey

Adlet and the princess head for the Land where Demons Howl, past Gwenbyer, the Kingdom of Iron Hills. Ten days after they leave Piena, they meet villagers escaping from the fiends. Adlet suspects a trap, but challenges the fiends anyway!

3 - The Girl Who Kills Braves

The heroes, or most of them, meet up. Many of them want to kill Flamie, but she barely survives. Meanwhile, the king of Gwenbyer has come up with a plot to trap most of the monsters on the continent and make the way clear for the heroes.

4 - The Heroes Gather

The Braves head for the barrier temple, but they encounter a massive army of fiends along the way. To seal the fiends in, they'll have to fight their way past. And to make matters worse, scores of flying fiends are bombing the temple!

5 - The Seventh Brave

The Six Braves have gathered, but the phantasmal barrier has been activated. With only one means of deactivating the barrier, the Braves must figure out which of them is the fake Brave. Meanwhile, Flamie reveals a surprising secret.

6 - A Trap and a Rout

With the others suspicious of him, Adlet must convince them that he is not a traitor. But to do that, he must discover how the temple was breached and the barrier activated. With the others have consolidated their suspicion of him, what will he do?

7 - The Reasons of the Two

Adlet flees into the jungle to escape the other 6 braves. He talks with Flamie about her past. Is she the false brave?

8 - The Average Man and the Genius

Adlet fights Hans, who finally realizes that he's not the false brave. Chamot, however, is not so easily convinced.

9 - Blossoms of Doubt

Chamot summons a horde of monsters to kill Adlet and Hans. Adlet comes up with an answer to the mystery, which Flamie shoots down.

10 - Desperate Situation

Maura tricks Nachetanya into going insane and trying to murder Adlet. Adlet declares his undying love for Flamie.

11 - Counterattack

Nachetanya decides that Adlet has betrayed her, and launches a full-on attack. Only Flamie can protect him from the combined might of the rest of the Braves.

12 - The Time to Reveal the Answer

Having revealed "how" the seventh managed to trick the Braves, the only question left for Adlet to answer is, "Who is the seventh?"