Light, Seven Flashes23m

Soya is an ordinary boy, with one problem: Hes lost his memories and lives with a giant cat and a maid. To make matters worse, his city is under attack by a giant alien craft, and it doesnt come in peace. It comes in... Peas?


Nebula Soldiers23m

The first of the seven heroes is down, and Soya is eager to taste his victory katsudon. Could it be delicious pork, or perhaps chicken? At last, meat! But then he finds out... its vegetarian katsudon!


Avenger 123m

Soya won his battle with Miu, but the rest of Grand Paladin shows up to stop him. In the ensuing battle, hes defeated, and sensei is forced to take drastic measures to keep him from being captured.


Avenger 223m

Harus armor goes out of control, becoming a massive dragon. To stop it, Grand Paladin and the pacifist faction will have to join forces.


Paladin Break 123m

Grand Paladins numbers are fading fast, and the Sealing Faction wont stop coming. With nobody left to help Takashi but his own father and the timid Yosuke, will there be anyone to save the Earth?


Paladin Break 223m

Kogane was a Nebula spy. Grand Paladin is destroyed, and Takashi, alone, has to fight off the Sealing Faction. Will Soya help him, even if theyre enemies?



The battle is over, and Grand Paladin and the Sealing Faction have both been driven off. But what comes next?


Power Is What Dwells Within Your Own Self23m

The vials are now in posession of the pacifists, but the battle isnt over. They were simply the key to unlock Grand Paladins psychic powers. Now, afraid for what humanity may become, some of Grand Paladin are joining with the sealing faction.


Messenger of Awakening23m

Benika is accidentally sealed, and now she dreams that everything she ever wanted is hers. But the sealing faction is far from finished...


Karellen and Rashaverak23m

After all the skirmishes up to this point, its now time for the sealing faction and pacifists to settle things with one, decisive battle.



Years have passed, and the characters have all grown up. The dragon is about to awaken, and its up to them to seal him away.


Behold, The Universe is Filled With Blessings23m

The dragon has awoken on the moon, and is threatening to destroy Earth like it did Sirius. Nebula has a plan to seal him, but can the people of Earth put their hatred towards him aside after everything that happened?