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Photo Kano (2013)

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Kazuya, um bem-educado estudante do ensino médio, que acaba de sair de férias de verão nada fora do comum, recebe uma 'câmera reflex monobjetiva digital' de presente. Sua fascinação 'nerd' em seu projeto, logo se transforma em preocupação, quando ele percebe que esse pequeno dispositivo poderia dar um estímulo para sua vida social. (Obrigado Best!)

Elenco principal

Kaori Mizuhashi

Kaori Mizuhashi

Hikari Sanehara (voice)
Hisako Kanemoto

Hisako Kanemoto

Mai Sakura (voice)
Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro

Tomoe Misumi (voice)
Nobunaga Shimazaki

Nobunaga Shimazaki

Kazuya Maeda (voice)
Kanae Ito

Kanae Ito

Haruka Niimi (voice)
Chiwa Saito

Chiwa Saito

Nonoka Masaki (voice)
Asuka ?game

Asuka ?game

Rina Yunoki (voice)
Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara

Aki Muroto (voice)


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1 - Encounter

Kazuya's father gave him a digital camera on the last day of summer vacation.He takes it to school with him, believing that it will change his life.

2 - School Heaven

Now that Kazuya is a member of the Photography Club, he has been taking pictures right and left.

3 - A Garden of a Hundred Flowers

Kazuya is getting to know the girls around school. He learns of Aki's surprising past and helps her naughty side blossom.

4 - Thoughts for the Future

Kazuya is taking full advantage of his blackmail material on Aki Muroto. If she wants certain pictures kept hidden, she has to do anything he says.

5 - Conflict of Love

Kazuya and Haruka's relationship seemed to be headed straight from childhood friends to boyfriend girlfriend, at least for a while. But now with everyone insisting that Haruka can do better, maybe it's time Kazuya let her go...

6 - Distant Thoughts

Kazuya and Haruka are able to kiss and make up, but Kazuya isn't in the clear yet.

7 - A Star's Smile

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8 - Look at My Bare Face

As Kazuya blackmails Aki with his picture of her sneaking onto campus, he begins to catch snippets of her true self. She is the stern Student Body President, the young lady who loves to dive and an insecure girl...

9 - A Challenge for Love

Nonoka has two goals at the moment. The first is the master the rise ball.

10 - An Angel's Dance

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11 - Wife of the Academy

After trying one of Rina's hamburgers, Kazuya promises to help recruit members for the Cooking Workshop.

12 - Photograph Memory

Tomoe is unhappy with herself and tries to remain aloof, but Kazuya won't stand for that. He wants to make Tomoe realize that she isn't plain and help her make friends. But what if there is a reason why she tries to remain invisible...

13 - Loving Each Other

Kazuya has a big problem. While his parents are gone on a trip for Europe, he realizes that he might have the hots for his younger sister, Kanon.