Welcome to the Rabbit Shed Shop24m

Izumi and her coworkers try to fulfill the request of a little girl, unaware of the resulting chain of events that leads them to lost memories and unimaginable treasures.


What to say to "May I Take Your Order?"24m

Defeating the rogue virus requires transporting into the world of anime and manga! First stop is Welcome to Rabbit Cafe where rabbits are now nowhere to be found.


We're the Rosy Maidens24m

Sales are down, so the employees must come up with a special event. But more importantly, the world of The Rosy Maidens has fallen victim to the virus!


Elementary School Kids are the Best!24m

Komachi will not stand idly by while Mini Basket vanishes into obscurity. This time, however, fighting the viruses may not be enough.


Here, Here, Here, Like That?24m

When all else fails, try shogi.


It's Not That I Like Hamsters...24m

Izumi tries to bond with Rei, but the conversation gets awkward. Rei tries to hide that she likes cute things, but what will she do when the virus starts affecting hamsters?


Can Fighters Make Lots of Money?24m

Its time to grind levels, because the viruses have taken the fight to Quest of Phantasia! Now all the girls need to do is figure a way past annoying video game mechanics.


A Showdown! It's a Food Battle!24m

Nao needs to sharpen her kitchen knife and brush up on her culinary skills because its time for all-out WAR against the viruses.


Let's Become the Masters of Romance24m

Kaoruko enjoys dating sims, but she keeps getting all the bad endings! Looks like some training is in order.


Goodbye, Nejiusa...24m

The main character has been defeated, but all hope is not yet lost -- He entrusted Ayaka with his sword. It is all up to her and her friends now.


Is it true?! Final Battle in Akihabara!24m

Despite the groups best effort, shops keep closing. However, they cant give up just yet! Preserving memories is far too important.


Pastel Memories24m

While the group searches for the whereabouts of Kaoruko and Komachi, Izumi, Ayaka and Irina come to a realization.