Early summer, 1923. Major Yoshinobu Maeda arrive in Tokyo to question an actress who revived as a vampire after being crushed by a falling prop. Will he be able to communicate with the confused woman, who only recites lines from her last performance?


Till Death Do Us Part24m

Maeda meets the vampires under his command for the first time, including an old classmate. Their first mission: Hunting down a vampire couple who have been attacking humans in Tokyo.


His Dream24m

Yamagami and Kurusu reflect on their new vampiric lives as it sinks in that they are now legally dead. Meanwhile, the army brass pressure Maeda and Nakajima for results, aiming to cut funding for Code Zero.


Unknown Song24m

Kurusu still struggles to use his vampire powers in combat as Code Zero investigates a series of strange deaths in the Yoshiwara red-light district.


Persona Non Grata24m

While Maeda convalesces, officials move to disband Code Zero and replace them with a force of British vampires. With less than a month until the deadline, Code Zero tracks the barrels of Ascra to Yokohama.


The Last Blue Sky24m

Takeuchi and Suwa follow the mysterious vampire units. Meanwhile, Yamagami and Kurusu return to base, where they are surprised to find Maeda. How will each of them react as Nakajima reveals his true plan?


The Letter24m

Defrott appears before Maeda as he lies injured in the rubble. The sight of Maeda prompts Defrott to reflect on the time he spent with Misaki. What events led up to her death, and how did she become a vampire?



In the aftermath of the earthquake, Kurusu wanders the decimated cityscape in search of the other members of Code Zero. The military steps up its measures against vampires, who attack the people in increasing numbers, but is their help what it seems?



Kurusu heads to Tsukishima Island, drawn by rumors that someone who looks like Suwa is killing child vampires. What he finds there, however, shocks him and tests his faith in the other members of Code Zero.


A Midsummer Night's Dream Gone By24m

The reunited members of Code Zero plan their next move. Meanwhile, Aoi convinces Defrott to return to the stage for a charity performance. But will any of them be prepared for Rufuss latest scheme?


Dark Wings24m

Maeda appears before Defrott and Aoi in Rufuss trap on Tsukishima Island. With Aoi losing blood fast, Kurusu will have to cross Tokyo in broad daylight if her hopes to reach her in time. Meanwhile, Ltg. Nakajima receives an unexpected summons.


King of Fools24m

Rufus finally reveals the full scope of his ambitions and moves to eliminate the remaining members of Code Zero. How will they each respond to the threat, and will Defrott confront Rufus openly after the failed attempt on his life?


Frailty, Thy Name Is...24m

The remaining vampire units gather as Kurusu and Maeda face off in front of Tokyo Station. Does Kurusu have the strength, or the will, to overcome his former leader? And how will Aoi react to the outcome?