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Maken-Ki! (2011)

Animação Comédia Action & Adventure25m


O centro da série fica em torno de Ooyama Takeru, um garoto normal e pervertido, que se matricula na academia Tenbi. Essa escola já foi somente de garotas e se transformou em uma escola co-educacional (que recebe meninos e meninas). Takeru não sabia, mas os alunos admitidos são aqueles capazes de controlar uma fonte de energia encontrada em todas as coisas vivas, chamada Elemento. Além disso eles podem usar artefatos mágicos chamados Maken, que dão a seus usuários habilidades específicas e variadas.

Elenco principal

Tomoaki Maeno

Tomoaki Maeno

Takeru ?yama
Sayuri Yahagi

Sayuri Yahagi

Iori Nomizu

Iori Nomizu

Inaho Kushiya
Misuzu Togashi

Misuzu Togashi

Azuki Shinatsu


Minori Rokujou
Hitomi Harada

Hitomi Harada

Aki Nijou
Noriko Shitaya

Noriko Shitaya

Haruko Amaya


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1 - The Day We Swore to Heaven

Takeru's first day at the Tenbi Academy is full of fights and panties. After accidentally kissing a second-year girl, she challenges him to a duel in front of the entire student body. Without a Maken or Element, how is he supposed to protect himself?

2 - Girls Are Amazing

The beginning of the school year could only mean one thing: time for physical exams! But after getting caught peeking in on the girls from his class, Takeru finds out that he's an anomaly at Tenbi, and that no Maken can be matched to him.

3 - Welcome to Maken-ki

Takeru decides to join the Security Committee! To welcome its new members, the Committee takes a trip to the hot springs. Things are going well until a bear shows up, giving the girls of the Tenbi Academy a chance to show off their special powers.

4 - The Enemy Is at Tenbi

Himegami asks Takeru to go on a shopping date! Of course, she has an ulterior motive: to inspect the mysterious mark on Takeru's chest. Sounds easy enough, but her plans are interrupted by her roommates, her fan club, and an unknown stalker.

5 - The Strongest Girl in Tenbi

It's time for the clubs at Tenbi to negotiate their annual budgets! Takeru and Uru try to work together to help the Security Committee, but their work is interrupted by an assailant who claims to be responsible for the random acts of violence on campus.

6 - Like Rain on a Sunny Day

Since Takeru's first day at Tenbi, Inaho has called him her fiancé. On a rainy night, the story of their past together is revealed, and Takeru's Elemental powers surface in order to protect his friend (and an adorable new addition to the household).

7 - The Goddesses Who Came Down to Tenbi

A group of beautiful, powerful transfer students arrive at Tenbi in order to root out a mysterious secret society. But before they can get to work, they'll have to prove their strength against the girls of Makenki in an epic volleyball showdown.

8 - Syria Will Give You Everything

Syria is Tenbi's newest transfer student, and she's taken quite an interest in Takeru! What does she plan to do with him in the disused shack on the outskirts of campus?

9 - Stormy Games

The boys of Tenbi Academy petition the faculty for co-ed swim classes (for the sake of gender equality, of course). Naturally, the girls protest. There's only one way to solve this dilemma: a boys-versus-girls water fight full of swimsuits and nosebleeds!

10 - The Girls of Light and Shadow

If Takeru fails his Element practical again, he'll be kicked out of Makenki! Meanwhile, there's something not quite right about Minerva, the newest member of Venus to transfer to Tenbi. Why is she confronting Himegami in the woods?

11 - Macaron Limited-Time-Only Service Day

Takeru gets a Maken! The secret history of Makenki! A dangerous new threat! But most important, the girls of the Security Committee don their skimpiest outfits and get jobs at the local maid cafe in order to pay for their bikini-filled summer camp.

12 - Protectors of Paradise

Kamigari kidnaps Haruko as part of an incomprehensible evil scheme concerning Takeru's untapped powers. When things backfire and Takeru goes out of control, only one person can stop him from destroying Tenbi Academy.