He is My Master?24m

Izumi and Mitsuki have run away from the cafe and are looking for work. They notice a sign indicating jobs as maids, but Izumi takes an understandable disliking to Yoshitaka and the girls leave - but they dont get far.


That Vase, it is 5,000,000...24m

Yoshitaka convinces the girls to come back inside, then hands them the bill for all the things Pochi and Izumi broke the previous day. Between needing to pay off their debt and needing a place to stay, the girls end up employed by Yoshitaka.


The Lolicon Uniform Fetishist Who Loves Peeping Pictures and Plays Girl Simulation Games24m

Izumi and Mitsuki enter Yoshitakas school, where they meet Anna.


Couples formed under extraordinary circumstances don't last long you know24m

Mitsukis fan club kidnaps her, taking over the mansion. Izumi and Yoshitaka (as well as Anna and Pochi) must work together to save her.


There's a rumour that this boy in his midst of puberty who inherited his parents' fortune is...24m

Izumi and Mitsukis parents pay a visit, to get the girls back. A contest is made to see who gets Izumi!


The Sawatari Izumi contest series!! A daring test of courage!! An express train to a secret...24m

Yoshitaka takes the maids to the Summer Festival, but Mitsuki disappears, and it seems the ghost of Yoshitakas father is involved.


He is Izumi's...!?24m

After a series of weird events, Izumi gets the chance of a lifetime to become an idol, will she take the opportunity?


An Unbelievably Short Strike Zone24m

Karin visits Izumi and convinces her to become an idol.


Although Izumi is Izumi, Izumi Won't Yield to Anyone24m

The gang go to the beach for Izumis photoshoot where they meet Alicia and Ellen


He is My Prince!?24m

Seichirou and Yoshitaka compete to have Izumi and Mitsuki as their maids but there seems to be something suspicious about Seichirou.


The far away boyfriend Yoshitaka24m

Takami challenges Izumi to a contest.


He is My Master!!24m

The final showdown between Takami and Izumi!