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Konohana Kitan (2017)

Animação Sci-Fi & Fantasy25m


Kokohana-tei, um hotel de águas termais situado numa cidade que se localiza entre o nosso mundo e o outro mundo, que muitos povos vão visitar. A história retrata a vida de espíritos de raposa, que assumem a forma de meninas e trabalham no hotel.

Elenco principal

Yuko Ono

Yuko Ono

Yuzu (voice)
Risa Kubota

Risa Kubota

Ren (voice)
Manami Numakura

Manami Numakura

Kiri (voice)
Ai Kakuma

Ai Kakuma

Sakura (voice)
Sawako Hata

Sawako Hata

Satsuki (voice)
Ayaka Suwa

Ayaka Suwa

Natsume (voice)
Megumi Ogata

Megumi Ogata

Tsubaki (voice)
Akeno Watanabe

Akeno Watanabe

Okiku (voice)
Kumiko Ikebe

Kumiko Ikebe

Hiiragi (voice)


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1 - Sakuya Konohana

Yuzu is the new live-in employee at Konohanatei, a hot spring hotel run by fox girls. It's tough work, but she makes new friends, and gets plenty of help adjusting.

2 - Spring Journey

Satsuki gets a well-deserved day off, but she doesn't appreciate it as much as she should. As it turns out, there's a reason.

3 - Waiting Lovesick

One of the guests, Aoi, seems to have developed a crush on Natsume. Ren isn't amused.

4 - Raft Bridge of Dreams

Konohanatei is visited by two strange beings: a mystery egg, to which Ren wakes up found fixed to her belly, and a fast-growing child, and an elderly lady who appears to be her grandmother.

5 - The Spring Rains Bring With It

A priest brings an odd Japanese doll to Konohanatei. Not only is the doll cursed, she seems to have an attitude.

6 - Konohanatei Horror Stories

The girls spend a night sharing horror stories. Just as the boss yells at them for being up past bedtime, they count an extra member in the group.

7 - Night of the Summer Festival

The bon festival is here, and the attendants take turns off work to check it out.

8 - The Transient Guest

It’s a castaway! It's a mermaid! Actually, it's a troubled human girl, one of several people who have wandered into the inn’s presence recently.

9 - Evanescent

The goddess of water bubbles pays a visit to Konohanatei. The reason for her stay doesn't become clear until it's a little too late.

10 - The Sister Strikes

Satsuki inadvertently drinks a medicine that causes her to shrink down to a tiny size. Having to spend the day riding on Yuzu's shoulder, Satsuki is amazed by how good Yuzu has gotten at her job. After Satsuki returns to normal size, she and Yuzu attend to Hiiragi and her fellow priestess Ayame when they come to stay at the Konohanatei. As Satsuki deals with her sister's erratic behavior, Yuzu becomes worried over when Satsuki will inevitably leave the Konohanatei to be a priestess. At the behest of one of the guests, Satsuki is asked to perform a kagura dance alongside Hiiragi, leading her to feel frustrated when comparing herself to her. After Hiiragi takes her leave the next day, it is revealed she feels that Satsuki was chosen over her to work at the Konohanatei.

11 - A God's Day Off

An old man, who is a former god of battle, spends time entertaining Sakura with toys made from acorns while lamenting there is no need for him in a time of peace. Meanwhile, Yuzu hears about how the Konohanatei was like years ago from a woman, who turns out to be the fox landlady, Okami, in her human form. Later, Okiku comes across a discarded doll named Lily and brings her back to the Konohanatei, but finds the others are too busy to help fix her. Lily, who recognises that Okiku has remained pretty because she hadn't been played with, eventually disappears from the Konohanatei, after which she is found by her original owner.

12 - Miracle on New Year's Eve

Yuzu finds a kenzoku scroll while cleaning Okami's room before going with everyone to the shrine to celebrate the new year. After briefly dropping it, Yuzu finds herself in another dimension where a girl name Tsubaki mistakes her for one of her co-workers and drags her to a shrine where kenzoku work to help grant the wishes of those who pray at the shrine. Learning that she might not be able to return to her one world, Yuzu decides to help out after one of the workers collapses, learning of all the malicious and kind-hearted wishes that people make. Hearing Yuzu's desire to return home to her friends, Tsubaki manages to open the scroll yuzu brought with her, giving her the ability to send Yuzu home safely. Afterwards, it is revealed that Tsubaki was actually Okami herself from many years ago, with Yuzu's actions leading to the creation of the Konohanatei.