Fondle! Daimidaler Goes Into Action!25m

One day, pervy high school student Madanbashi Kouichi finds himself pursued by a mysterious beauty and a gang of strange penguins. On top of that, a giant robot starts rampaging through town! Could Kouichis Hi-ERO particles be the key to saving the city?


Danger! The Stolen Sun25m

Unable to reproduce the original burst of Hi-ERO particles, Kouichi must discover the true power of Eros to defeat his new enemy, Antarctic Number 9!


Menace! Fiery Jake Appears!25m

A mysterious girl who loves penguins suddenly appears within the Penguin Empire. At the same time, Kouichi must become worthy to pilot Daimidaler.


Six's Challenge25m

The Penguin Empire finally succeed infusing a penguin with Hi-ERO particles and Kyoko meets a mysterious and handsome stranger with no memories.


Mad Dance! The Fearsome Penguin Flyers25m

A new robot, the Ritz Custom, appears after the Emperor discovers the secrets of Daimidaler. Will Kouichi be able to survive such a powerful foe?


Arrival! Shouma and Kiriko25m

With Kouichi out of the picture, a new main character arrives. The Penguin Empire has almost grasped complete victory. Now, Kiriko must fall in love.


Hurrah! Antarctic Number 11 Appears25m

Kiriko and Shouma must work together to take down Antarctic Number 11, but Shouma refuses to touch Kiriko anymore. He must find another way!


Convenient! Electric Toothbrush25m

As Ritz and the others walk back to Penguin Castle, the Emperor continues testing the penguin particle device. Kiriko and Ritz face off, woman to woman!


Warning! The Closed Gate25m

While dreaming of Ritzs past, we find out how far her penguin family is willing to go for her. They must put the Super Antarctic to good use!


Invoke! Joseph's Symbol25m

As Kyokos eyes begin to open, Kirikos most valuable possession is taken away. Kiriko unleashes an attack against Ritz and the city behind her.


Distraction! The emperor's Sexual Harassment25m

Madanbashi Kouichi is back, and hes stronger than ever. Together, he and Kyoko are back in action, but whats the deal with Daimidalers new upgrade?


Showdown! Sound Robots vs Daimidaler25m

The final battle has begun. Now Beauty Salon Prince must partner with the Penguin Empire to defeat a whole new enemy?! Stand up and fight, Daimidaler!