Episódio 123m

A world covered in a red fog. Inside a decaying building, Rin, a girl with an updo, and Rina, a girl with pigtails, search for water. Just when they were about to report to Ritsu located far away, crisis strikes.


Episódio 223m

Thanks to Wakabas quick thinking, Rin, Ritsu, and the Rinas are saved. Wakabas identity is still unknown, but Rin has him tag along for a little expedition.


Episódio 323m

The party is on the move in search of water. The new scenery and objects pique the interest of the ever-curious Wakaba, forcing the Rinas to explain everything. During their journey, they witness something...


Episódio 423m

Wakaba shows a tremendous interest in Kemurikusa. He learns that there are many different kinds in this world, such as the Kemurikusa he received from Ritsu. The group now heads to Sky Bridge.


Episódio 523m

The party continues their search for water. They are forced to walk on foot at one point and decide to give water to Midori. But then...


Episódio 623m

The sisters sleep in the train car in order to rest up. Wakaba goes out alone in search of Kemurikusa, but finds himself lost after getting too caught up in his expedition. Deep inside the building, he sees something unexpected.


Episódio 723m

The party has finally landed on an uncharted island. The end of the tunnel seems to be a different world from what they are used to. With high hopes, they start to follow the root.


Episódio 823m

The party decides to move forward. The red fog is thicker than ever, and Rin, Ritsu, and Rina fight against the attacks of Red Bugs. They soon face a grim reality.


Episódio 923m

Rin, Ritsu, Rina, and Wakaba have come to a new island. The path to their destination proves to be a difficult one, and they decide to come up with a plan for their next course of action.


Episódio 1023m

Rin, Ritsu, Rina, and Wakaba each exploit their unique qualities to fight the Red Bugs, and finally...


Episódio 1123m

Rin and Wakaba see the leafs memory on their way to the red tree. They see the First Person and...


Episódio 1223m

The party uses all their power to go up against the root. How will the journey end for Rin, Ritsu, Rina, and Wakaba?