Natal, o Milagre Das Entranhas Bonecas25m

Natsuru Senō wakes up to discover one morning that he has transformed into a woman, upon which a stuffed animal tiger, Disemboweled Tiger, who introduces itself as a messenger, tells him that he has become a Kämpfer, which must do battle with other Kämpfer; since Kämpfer must be female, Natsuru transforms into a female version of himself.


Comédia, Primeiro Beijo25m

Natsuru stops Akane from shooting Kaede and the attacker escapes when the bell for class rings. Natsuru realizes that the enemy also goes to his school and becomes wary of the danger and cautious of the other girls around him.


Destino, os Escolhidos25m

Natsuru begins his first day in the girls side of the school where he is transferred into Akanes class and is very popular among the girls. Kaede confesses her love to Natsuru, but he is unable to answer due to his bracelet flashing.


Regresso a Casa, é Você Meu Amigo ou Inimigo?25m

As the cultural festival comes up, Natsuru is shocked to find that Shizuku has entered him into the Miss Seitetsu beauty contest.


Solstício de Verão, Ciclone Tropical do Amor25m

The cultural festival is about to begin and the class dress Natsuru and Akane in various costumes for the Miss Seitetsu beauty contest. In the changing room, Kaede interrupts the two of them and once again gets into an argument with Akane.


Brilho, Começa a Luta da Morte25m

Natsuru is surprised to find his childhood friend Mikoto has returned. When Kämpfer Natsuru heads to school, she is forced to participate in a quasi-maid café. She is later accompanied by Shizuku, who warns her that a new Kämpfer will be coming.


Convite, os Convidados Uninvited25m

Natsuru, unexpectedly accompanied by Akane and Shizuku, arrives at Kaedes house, which has a lot of Entrails Animals. Kaede starts things off with a game involving two people biting through the ends of a Pocky stick.


Querida, o Primeiro Encontro25m

Shizuku asks Male Natsuru to go out on a date with her. While Shizuku is generally insistent that its a proper date, Natsuru just goes along with it thinking it is a plan to draw out the White Kämpfer.


Queda, Uma Experiência de Verão25m

Akane is having a romantic summer date with male Natsuru at the pool. However, Mikoto, Shizuku and Kaede show up as well.


Para Escolher, Uma Canção de Felicidade25m

Natsuru finds himself sitting next to Kaede outside the hotel, who hypnotizes him into making Shizuku his.


Lily, o Jardim Secreto da Flor25m

Shizuku invites Natsuru over to her house to tell her about Kaede, getting Kaedes Burnt To Death Lion to spill the beans about the Kämpfer system.


Declaração de Guerra, as Donzelas de Luta25m

Natsuru wakes up on Christmas Eve morning to find out that he and his messenger, Disemboweled Tiger, have swapped bodies!