Secrets / Wishes24m

Kakushi Goto is a famous manga artist, but he keeps that a secret from his daughter, Hime, and will do anything to keep that secret. A new editor comes by their house, almost blowing Kakushis cover. Later on, they contemplate whos actually important.


Beach Sandals and B4 / Dont Place, Dont Draw, Dont Finish Up24m

Kakushi decides to take his assistants on a company trip to the ocean so he can watch over Hime while shes at summer camp. Later on, Kakushis workplace is investigated after reports of suspicious activities.


Makeshift Circus / The True State of Manga and Muscles24m

Kakushis assistants all get injured at once, making work a little difficult. Meanwhile, Hime tries to save money because she believes theyre poor. Later on, Kakushi tries to train for Himes upcoming sports festival and Hime meets a teenage idol.


Normale Namae / Komawari Sketch24m

Kakushi thinks about changing his penname to something thats not his own name. Later on, Kakushi takes Hime to the zoo so that she can do an art assignment, but he asks Ichiko to come along so Hime wont be suspected of cheating.


Everyone Gets Their Turn in the End / Youre Spending the Night!24m

Kakushi is asked to be a judge for the magazines Newcomer Awards, though he really doesnt want to. Later on, Satsuki forces Kakushi to stay at a hotel to finish up a deadline. In return, Satsuki is supposed to go look after Hime, but…


School Rucksack24m

Hime receives another new backpack from someone named Naoto Date. Later on, Kakushi has an autograph signing while Hime goes to a theme park to experience various jobs.


Our Rough Draft / Unfortunate Memories Club24m

Kakushi tells Hime she has to give their new dog a name. Later on, Kakushi and his assistants talk about anniversaries.


Your Lie in December24m

Kakushis assistants are all motivated and excited because of the publishers year-end party thats supposed to happen, but it gets canceled. The assistants try to convince him to go to another party that he could possibly take Hime to.


I"S (Izu)24m

Kakushi tries to finish up some extra work early so he can enjoy a trip to the hot springs with Hime, but he catches a cold. Later on, they manage to go to the hot springs, but its apparently filled with secrets.


Saishukai: The Last Chapter Doesnt Bother Her24m

Hime wants to have a family meeting for some reason and also, Kakushi is misled to believe that his manga series is ending. Because he feels like he has nothing to lose, Kakushi goes all out in what he thinks are the final chapters of his series.


Hidden Truths24m

Hime finds out the truth about Kakushis past, and is in for a surprise herself.