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Just Because! (2017)

Animação Drama23m


É o Inverno do seu terceiro ano do ensino médio, perto do final do segundo semestre e quando todos os alunos estão perto de abandonar o ensino médio. Todos esperavam a formatura. Até que de repente ele voltou para casa. Ele é um antigo colega de escola que se mudou para longe. Ele foi transferido em um momento peculiar, que acabou os reunindo. Era como se um sinal de saída soasse para os sentimentos dos alunos que apenas queriam terminar sua vida escolar sem nenhum problema.

Elenco principal

Karin Isobe

Karin Isobe

Mio Natsume (voice)
Aoi Ichikawa

Aoi Ichikawa

Eita Izumi (voice)
Reina Kondo

Reina Kondo

Suzuki, Momoka (voice)
Arisa Sakuraba

Arisa Sakuraba

Yoriko Inui (voice)
Yuka Nukui

Yuka Nukui

Sanae Takahashi (voice)


Ena Komiya (voice)
Yuna Yoshino

Yuna Yoshino

Hazuki Morikawa (voice)
Taishi Murata

Taishi Murata

Haruto Souma (voice)
Sayaka Senbongi

Sayaka Senbongi

Mayuko Satou (voice)


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1 - On your marks!

The end of high school is near for a group of students but their yearning for reconnection might change the course of their lives.

2 - Question

Haruto works up the courage to ask out Morikawa but does his confession go as well as he had envisioned it?

3 - Andante

The group reconnects after their trip to the aquarium but things take an unexpected turn when Ena takes an interest in Eita.

4 - Full swing

Emotions run high as Haruto feels emboldened enough to finally confess his feelings, but will his words be able to reach the one he cares about?

5 - Rolling Stones

Things change between Haruto and Hazuki, and both of them try to deal with it in their own way. Mio, on the other hand, is trying to come to terms with her feelings.

6 - Restart

Tension is on the rise, as Haruto seeks guidance from Eita, on how to respond to Hazuki's message.

7 - Snow day

Mio remembers Eita's kindness in middle school and starts to question her relationship with him. What will happen as Ena begins to spend more time with Eita?

8 - High Dynamic Range

Ena finally decides to ask Eita on a date despite Mio's objection. Everything seems to be going well until Mio bumps into them.

9 - Answer

Mio finally chooses to confront her demons. In the meantime, Eita is working through his own dilemma with Ena.

10 - Childhood's end

Eita seems to be coming to terms with his feelings. In the meantime, Mio is starting to learn what is truly important to her.

11 - Roundabout

As entrance exams rear their head, Eita can't help but remember Mio's expression when she noticed his phone. What will happen as their paths start to diverge?

12 - Get set, go!

Eita fails his entrance exam. He receives a text from Mio telling him she passed the test for her first choice. It's graduation and everyone says their good-byes. Eita tells Komiya that he was happy when she confessed to him but still, he can't go out with her because there is someone else he likes. After he left, she is seen crying in the club room. Eita runs into Mio at Joei; he confesses to liking her and she reciprocates.