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Hidan no Aria AA (2015)

Animação Action & Adventure24m


Spin-off de Hidan no Aria. Akari Mamiya, uma estudante Butei Rank-E do primeiro ano em Tokyo Butei High School. Ela tem o objetivo de se tornar uma “Butei” e idolatra sua colega de classe e mundialmente famosa Aria H. Kanzaki, Butei Rank-S. O sonho de Akari é seguir os passos de Aria e também se tornar super famosa que é uma missão quase impossível, mas nem tudo está perdido, pois Aria aceita ajudar essa jovem. Será que Aria vai conseguir ajudar essa novata a se tornar uma butei de primeira linha?

Elenco principal

Ayane Sakura

Ayane Sakura

Akari Mamiya (voice)
Ayaka Imamura

Ayaka Imamura

Hina Fuma (voice)
Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara

Yutori Takamagahara (voice)
Rie Kugimiya

Rie Kugimiya

Aria H. Kanzaki (voice)
Mao Ichimichi

Mao Ichimichi

Raika Hino (voice)
Yui Horie

Yui Horie

Kyochikuto (voice)
Chinami Hashimoto

Chinami Hashimoto

Yaya Aizawa (voice)
Momo Asakura

Momo Asakura

Yuyu Aizawa (voice)
Junji Majima

Junji Majima

Kinji Toyama (voice)


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1 - Another A

Akari Mamiya is in Year 1 at Tokyo Butei High School. Although she is currently in E Rank, her goal is to become a BUTEI like Aria Kanzaki, an Upperclassman in Year 2. In order to receive training from Aria, Akari submits a request to become Aria’s Amica.

2 - Dangerous Relationship

Since Akari has been talking about Aria all the time after she became Aria’s (yet to be official) Amica, Shino increasingly becomes worried that Akari may not stay a close friend with her. In order to resolve the situation, she invites Akari to her home.

3 - Applying to Be an Amica

Kirin Shima is a junior high school student and an intern at Butei High School. Last year, she was an Amica with Riko Mine (current Year 2 student); however, she’s determined to become Raika Hino’s Amica this year. Will Raika accept her request?

4 - Quartet: Part 1

Quartet refers to an actual fighting test between two four-person groups and is a requirement for all the Year 1 students at Butei High. Akari forms a group with Shino, Raika and Kirin and trains to defeat their opponent, Urara Takachiho’s team.

5 - Quartet: Part 2

The Quartet match between Team Mamiya and Team Takachiho has begun. While Akari and Shino go out to find their opponent’s eye flag, Raika and Kirin defend their eye flag from an attack by Hina Fuma, who seems to know where their eye flag is.

6 - Little Devil's Request

Although Raika doesn’t want to admit it, she seems to be worried about Kirin and Riko’s relationship. On the other hand, Kirin is worried about Raika and Akari’s relationship. In order to resolve the situation, Kirin takes action.

7 - Struggle Over Akari

Takachiho decides to take action to make her fantasies about getting close to Akari a reality. But when Shino catches on, she challenges Takachiho to a duel.

8 - Pool Trap

After asserting that her love for Akari is stronger than Shino's, Urara Takachiho invites Akari on an exclusive visit to her family's water park, but others end up tagging along – including Shino.

9 - Home Visit

Since there have been a series of attacks targeting BUTEI, Aria comes to stay with Akari and Nonoka for a while in case she’s being targeted by criminals who wish to retaliate against her. At the same time, Aria tries to see how Akari lives as well.

10 - First Mission

Aria is injured in a gun battle and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, after Kyochikutou declares that no one will have to get hurt if Akari surrenders to her advances, Akari tries to send Nonoka to stay with their aunt in Nagano.

11 - Showdown

Akari decides to fight Kyochikutou together with her friends. Kyochikutou demands that Akari give her Takamakuri, one of the Mamiya techniques, and threatens to kill everyone if Akari doesn’t give her what she wants.

12 - A Pair of A's

Kyochikutou’s sister, Suimitsutou, goes on a rampage while demanding to have her sister returned to her. Aria, Akari and the others work together to bring her down.