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Healer Girl (2022)

Animação Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


A história se passa em um mundo onde existem três estilos de escolas de medicina: o estilo ocidental, o estilo oriental e o estilo musical.

Elenco principal

Chihaya Yoshitake

Chihaya Yoshitake

Remi Gojou (voice)
Marina Horiuchi

Marina Horiuchi

Sonia Yanagi (voice)
Karin Isobe

Karin Isobe

Kana Fujii (voice)
Akane Kumada

Akane Kumada

Hibiki Morishima (voice)
Ayahi Takagaki

Ayahi Takagaki

Ria Karasuma (voice)
Hisako Tojo

Hisako Tojo

Shoko Nagisa (voice)
Miyu Takagi

Miyu Takagi

Shinobu Honosaka (voice)


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1 - Kana Fujii, Healer (Apprentice)

First-year high school students Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki are apprentices at the Karasuma Phoniatric Clinic, where the power of healing through song is combined with conventional medicine. One day when the girls' teacher is out, one of the clinic's patients takes a sudden turn for the worse. Is there nothing these apprentices can do to help?

2 - Can I Take a Picture? Or Maybe a Video?

Sonia Yanagi, a C-rank healer who sees Ria as a rival, meets up with Kana to take her measure. While they're out, they find a pregnant woman suffering in the park. Sonia begins treatment with Kana as her assitant, but when the woman's condition takes a turn for the worse...

3 - Cleanup, Run • Run • Run

After a study party and lots of prayer, the girls take their provisional license exam! But the minute the test is over, they feel completely drained. Ria takes them out to the town's annual sports day to cheer them up... where they happen to run into Sonia, who has competition in mind!

4 - First Steps, Horror, and a First Job

Having passed their provisional license exam, the girls are called in to support a surgeon with their song. But before they accept the job, they have some training to do...

5 - Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles and the Galaxy Station

The girls of the Karasuma Phoniatric Clinic visit Hibiki's family in the country. While wandering the countryside, the girls' friendship grows deeper as they learn more about Hibiki's past and the reason they each became healers.

6 - Become My Servant • Russian Food and Sweet Dreams

The Karasuma Girls help out at the Honosaka Clinic where they see a surprisingly hard-working side of Sonia. But it turns out Sonia also has plans for Kana at their school's upcoming culture festival...

7 - A Culture Festival Full of Surprises

The culture festival is a huge success! ...Or so it appears. At the last moment, something happens to threaten the final stage performance. Can the healer girls step in to fill the hole in the schedule?!

8 - I Love Maids • You're Fired

Reimi's caregiver, Aoi, has received an invitation to follow her dream of studying piano overseas. When she seems reluctant to take it, Reimi takes action of her own.

9 - The Best Guarantee • Buy the CD

The girls have been asked to support Ria during a surgery... but the patient is Ria's old teacher, and the hospital's director! Despite their nerves, the girls are determined to give it their best shot!

10 - Halloween • Masquerade • Butterfly!

Halloween is just around the corner and the girls aim to make the event memorable. But first everyone needs to go shopping!

11 - Sharks and Training Camp! Let's Climb Together!

The three apprentices of Ria Karasuma are about to become true healer-sisters, but as the test approaches, they can no longer sing harmoniously. Ria therefore offers to send them to a training course, under the benevolent supervision of Aoi.

12 - We're C-Rank Healers!

Having passed the exam to become a C-rank cured-sister, the apprentices of the Karasuma clinic go on a training course each on their own. Reimi will train in Sonia's clinic and Hibiki will work in the hospital. Kana goes much further, to the United States, to pursue her dream.