Beauty A and the Beast Z25m

When the wrong boy professes his love for Ayumi, she struggles to find an appropriate way to reject him.


Yamamoto-san from next door25m

Mamoru is in love with the girl next door, but she sees him as nothing more than a childhood friend. Meanwhile, Ayumi is head over heels for Mamoru.


Wavering Unbalance25m

Preparations for the school sports tournament are underway, and everyone is on edge. Despite the agitation, theres a chance for sparks to fly between Kei Enomoto and Etsu Kusuda.


Love You More Than Anybody Else in the World25m

With their father away on business, Koyoi is thrilled to have some brother-sister bonding time. Yoshihiko helps squash drama between Misaki and Yuuji.


Confused Diving25m

Meguru refuses to join the swim team, self-conscious of the attention her breasts attract. Meanwhile, Hiroyuki realizes his love for Nao Chikura.


Before It Snows25m

Preparation for a Christmas party leads to an embarrassing moment, causing Kei to treat Etsu harshly.


Let's Kiss25m

Haruto Terai begins to feel unwanted because Rika is fiercly independent. Realizing how he feels, she seeks to reconcile the situation.


The Melancholy of the Chocolate Bomber25m

As Valentines Day approaches, each character attempts to win the heart of the one they love, with varied results.


In Full Bloom for Those Memories25m

Nao is determined to finish up her painting of the graduating class. As she works she is left heartbroken as someone she cares about leaves.


Kappa Fight!!25m

Sumire uses somewhat questionable tactics to get Etsu to join the theater club, which makes him a little angry.


Boys' Escape25m

Frustrated, Mamoru, Hiroyuki, and Etsu make a plan to run away. Hearing about it, the girls get more and more worried.


First Love Limited25m

The boys finally get the courage to shout out their feelings, and fate has an interesting trick up its sleeve.