Personal Entertainment AI! Hackadoll!8m

The ditzy Hackadolls #1, #2, and #3 make their debut as official Personal Entertainment AI. However, since these girls are so unbelievably ditzy, they use their own physical presences to take on human job requests.


Please Let Us Be Idols!8m

A producer of an idol agency takes on too many gigs at once. So the Hackadolls decide to advance his career by making their debut as idols on an underground stage.


That's What Hackadolls Are For8m

A companys fate lies in the hands of a huge project. However, with insufficient funding and an increase in bugs, this new operating systems launch date seems hopeless. If this project fails, the company tanks. Then, the Hackadolls are inputted into the system...


Take A Shower First8m

#2 takes on the advancement of a client suffering from the big V. She ends up feeling something similar to excitement over this desperate, yet pure virgin. With a sunset and a moody atmosphere, the couples feelings advance to the next level…


#4 Isn't Just for Show!8m

Unlike the one-dimensional, non-progressing Hackadolls, Hackadoll #4 is finally rolled out. Now overly specific #4 begins to bolster up the ditzy Hackadolls?!


A Thing of the Past8m

Theres an outbreak of some serious bugs in cyberspace, sending the Hackadolls into a tizzy. Their hands, feet, and entire bodies are damaged until they lose something very important. Meanwhile, they receive their summoning call. The comparatively sane #3 heads out to advance the client...



The Hackadolls get mixed up with a hard-as-nails production assistant and wind up advancing an anime. But, when faced with the gap between fantasy and reality, the girls are crushed. They shall continue to work like dogs until KUROBAKOs White Box is complete.


Kind of Main Heroine-ish8m

The Hackadolls act as tour guides for a foreign girl who doesnt speak their language. With strange gestures, the Hackadolls take her to the best spots. But there seems to be one place in particular this girl must go to…


The Only Thing that Can Stop Me Is Tuesday Routine Maintenance8m

In order to rescue someone who got lost in an internet game, the Hackadolls input themselves into the world of the game. They adventure through vast fields, meet friends, learn of family love, and send one man back to reality.


Let's Go to a Hot Spring!8m

The Hackadolls go to a mountain hot springs resort to relax both their minds and bodies. However, the resort receives an inauspicious notice, taking things in the wrong direction...


VA Police, Move Out!8m

The Hackadolls research the perfect present for a fan to give his favorite VA at her birthday event. When the special day arrives, the Hackadolls client decides to personally deliver the painstakingly acquired present...


Magical Girl Lovely Hurt♥8m

Its a pleasant Sunday morning. The Hackadolls are summoned to help out the ever iconic magical girls kids love so much, but the magical girls and monsters in this town are not what youd expect. The Hackadolls face what might be their hardest challenge yet.


Hackadolls Can Handle Anything, Even Comiket8m

The Hackadolls return to Ayame (their subject from episode 1) to see how shes enjoying life as a born-again otaku. But Ayames friends upcoming marriage is making her rethink over her lifes choices...