First Encounter24m

Yu Otonashi is a member of one of Japans most famous boy bands. But now hes giving up all his fame to start over from nothing, and learn to become a jockey at the Horse Riding School.


Yu and Yu24m

Its been a month since Yu first came to the Horse Riding School, and his company has sent a filmmaker to document his journey towards becoming a jockey. But Yu doesnt want attention, and is eager to leave his old life behind...


Prince From a Distant Land24m

New student Amane has come from England to study at the Horse Riding School. Hes an amazing horse rider, but he refuses to get along with any of the students. And theres more to his past than there appears to be...


Summer Camp Nights24m

The students head out to a summer camp on the beach to improve their riding schools. But Aki has a secret he doesnt want Yu finding out...


Setting Sun24m

Hayato is badly struggling with his weight and may need to drop out. Meanwhile, Yu is told by his idol group that they want him to come back.


Let Go of the Reins24m

After a disastrous training exercise, Yu is hospitalized and told it will take a full month to recover. While hes recovering, his old boss, Saionji, submits his resignation from the Horse Riding School...


The Day We Leave the Nest24m

Yu practices in secret for a critical test of his skills. Can he recover from his injury in time to prove hes ready to be a jockey?


The Ritto Wind24m

The class begins the second year of their training as they all head out for different stables across Japan. Shun quickly adapts to his new life, where he makes a friend in a promising new horse named Oak Diamond.


Leap Forward, Side-by-Side!24m

With Shuns help, Oak Diamond sets out for their first real shot at victory. Can this potential prize-winning horse take the first step on the road to the the triple crown?


The Sound of Distant Rain24m

Kisuke is getting ready for one last big race. One of the stablehands thinks something is wrong, but Shun is sure that everything will be just fine.


The Morning Dew Is Far24m

The students time at the training centers is coming to an end, but Shun is devastated after what happened with Oak Nature. Can he return to being a jockey, or is his racing career finished for good?


1700 Meters on the Dirt24m

Back at the Horse Racing School, the students get ready for the end of their careers. Before they graduate, theyll have to face each other in mock races. Whos the fastest jockey of them all?


Into the Starting Gate!24m

The students line up at the gate for one final race, before they set out on their paths as full jockeys.