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Gakkou Gurashi (2015)

Animação Drama Mistério Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


Yuki Takeya, uma estudante alegre e enérgica é um dos membros do "Clube da Vida Escolar" (Gakuen Seikatsu Bu), ao lado de suas amigas Kurumi Ebisugawa e Yuuri Wakasa. Yuki está sempre em busca de atividades escolares divertidas enquanto Kurumi e Yuuri tentam protegê-la, junto com Miki Naoki, uma menina que resgataram em um shopping center, e a professora e conselheira do clube, Sakura Megumi, que também é irmã mais velha de Yuki. Elas são as únicas sobreviventes depois que um ataque zumbi que dizimou a cidade e, com isso, passaram a viver nas ruínas de sua antiga escola.

Elenco principal

Inori Minase

Inori Minase

Yuki Takeya (voice)
Ari Ozawa

Ari Ozawa

Kurumi Ebisuzawa (voice)
Mao Ichimichi

Mao Ichimichi

Yuuri "Rii-san" Wakasa (voice)
Rie Takahashi

Rie Takahashi

Miki "Mi-kun" Naoki (voice)
Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano

Megumi "Megu-nee" Sakura (voice)
Ikumi Hayama

Ikumi Hayama

Akiko Kamiyama (voice)
Yuna Yoshino

Yuna Yoshino

Takae Yuzumura (voice)
Juri Kimura

Juri Kimura

Kei Shidou (voice)


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1 - Beginning

Yuki, Kurumi, Rii-san and Mi-kun are the happy members of the School Life Club. Their goal is to be in touch with the many things that one couldn't be exposed to if they'd only been in class. And to that end, they sleep at school.

2 - Memories

Another day, another exciting morning for the School Living club! It's summertime, and Yuki is ready to finish her last tutoring session with Megu and start enjoying summer break. She's ready for all the summer traditions, like the beach, fireworks, and of course, a test of courage! She's eager to get her fellow club members to brave the school at night, but you never know what could be lurking in the darkness...

3 - That Time

The power's out and everyone's bummed about not being able to cook or least until Yuki cheerfully suggests camping out! The girls pitch tents in the classroom and stay up talking late into the night. Meanwhile, Megu thinks back to the day where it all began...where everyone's definition of a normal day changed forever.

4 - Outing

Yuki is practically bouncing off the walls after coming up with an idea to take a field trip outside the school grounds. Rii-san and Kurumi remind her that club members aren't supposed to leave the grounds, but Yuki's convinced that if it's a school-sponsored activity they won't be breaking the rules. Their destination: the mall! Take a stroll down memory lane, to the days before the group first met Mii-kun.

5 - Meeting

Yuki and the gang begin their "field trip" to a mall on the outskirts of town. While raiding the supermarket on the basement for supplies, Kurumi chances upon a puppy... None other than the School Living Club's future mascot, Taromaru! He happily joins the girls as they make their way to the fifth floor, where Mii-kun remains hunkered down.

6 - Welcome

The School Living club has new members! After bringing Mii-kun and Taromaru back from the besieged fort in the shopping mall, Yuki and Megu-nee take them on a grand tour of the school. For a moment, Mii-kun feels like life might just have gone back to normal...especially when Yuki decides to welcome her to the club by holding a field day event!

7 - A Letter

Yuki sits in an after-school study session, working hard on classic lit (one of her worst subjects). Mii-kun stops by to help tutor her senpai, and as she recites from "An Account of My Hut" Yuki exclaims that old books are like letters from the past. Inspired, Yuki rounds up the School Living Club and the four girls sit down to pen a message to the world.

8 - Future

A swim in the rooftop "lake" leaves Taromaru covered in nasty green algae, leaving Yuki to give him a bath and the rest of the club to take care of her equally dirty laundry. As the four stand under the sun watching the clothes dry, the conversation turns to "graduation" and their plans for the future. Later that night, a bout of insomnia leads Mii-kun and Rii-san to search for the lock to Megu-nee's secret key.

9 - Holiday

What could possibly have possessed Yuki to make her charge into the club room brandishing a deck brush and shouting about cleaning up? The brilliant idea to turn the rooftop lake (a.k.a the water storage tank) into a pool for the day! The girls carefully transfer the lake's fish to buckets, scrub out the algae and pond scum, and let their troubles slip away for the day as they enjoy their new pool.

10 - Rainy Day

It's pouring rain. The School Living club girls are gathered in the club room, but things take a worrying turn when Taromaru doesn't show up to eat. Yuki and Mii-kun search the club room floor while Kurumi checks the other levels. The shovel-wielding senior quickly picks up Taromaru's tracks, following them down to the first floor...beyond the barricade.

11 - Scar

THEY flood into the school as if attempting to take shelter from the torrential rain. The power has been knocked offline. The School Living club room is under siege. Kurumi is unconscious after one of THEM bit her. All alone, Rii-san prepares to keep her promise. Meanwhile, Mii-kun prepares to go to the emergency shelter and find the vaccine, but the thought of having lost Taromaru to THEM drains her will to continue. Just as one of THEM reaches out to grab her, she's Yuki?!

12 - Graduation

The School Life Club is in grave peril, as swarms of THEM flood the school.