Toshikoshi Soba13m

It is New Years Eve. Shirou and Saber are done cleaning the house, and they go grocery shopping for dinner. Taiga and Illya are home, relaxing at the kotatsu, waiting for the dinner to be made by Shirou. What is todays menu for Emiya family?


Salmon, Mushroom and Butter Baked in Foil13m

Shirou is out for grocery shopping. While walking down a shopping district and thinking about the menu for the night, he comes across Lancer who works at a fish market. Shirou decides to cook a salmon dish, but Lancer ends up coming over to his house for dinner, and...


Spring Chirashizushi13m

On Girls Day, Shirou and the team invite Illyasviel to the Emiya residence so she can get a taste of Japanese culture. What kind of Girls Day meal is Shirou going to serve Illyasviel with the help of Rin and Sakura?


Spring Greens and Bacon Sandwich13m

At his part-time job at the liquor store, Copenhagen, Shirou is asked to help out with some deliveries. His final stop is Ryuudou Temple, where the monk Reikan asks him to make a sandwich using local spring greens. Shirou gladly accepts, but he cant stop thinking about Assassin, who he saw at the temple gates...


Bamboo Shoot Gratin13m

Sakura lets out a deep sigh while looking at a happy Saber who has just finished breakfast that Shirou has prepared. It seems something is troubling her very much. Meanwhile, Issei gives Shirou some bamboo shoots in return of the sandwiches Shirou made him the other day. Upon hearing that Sakura is making gratin for dinner, Shirou suggests adding the bamboo shoots in it.


First Hamburg Steak13m

Its raining today, and the rain reminds Shirou of a fond memory when he was a child. It was rainy day like today... Shirou was watching a cooking show where they were making a hamburg steak. He decided to make one like them, and it was meant to be for someone who loved a hamburg steak...


Refreshing and Easy to Eat Chilled Ochazuke13m

Thanks to Taigas planning, Shirou, Saber and Rin take a trip to the waterpark, Waku Waku Zaboom, where they run into Lancer and Archer who challenge them to a beach volleyball game. With Rin and Saber both exhausted after a day of fun, what will Shirou serve for todays meal?


Tohsaka's Gomoku Fried Rice13m

Shirou and Sakura are asked to help clean up Rins house which is full of magical devices and Spell Tomes. As the three of them are busy tidying up the Tohsaka residence, lunchtime approaches, and it is Rin and Sakuras turn to cook todays lunch.


Taste of Autumn - Caster's Training in Japanese Dish Cooking -13m

As Shirou is strolling down the shopping center, he feels a sudden tug on his arm from someone behind. He turns around to discover that it is none other than Caster. Currently training to be a better cook, Caster asks Shirou if he will teach her how to prepare a particular Japanese dish...


Fried Chicken: Yummy Even When It's Cold13m

Its only one week away from the School Festival. Issei and his fellow student council members are exhausted from working late every day in preparation for the big event. Seeing his friends in such a state, Shirou decides to bring them a bite to eat.


Special Fluffy Gooey Omelet Rice13m

Archer has been asked by Rin to carry the bags of groceries. As he waits for Rin at the meetup spot, he runs into Lancer who asks him for help with a part-time job at a café.


One-Pan Roast Beef13m

Today is Christmas. Illya has invited Shirou and the gang to the Einzbern Castle for a Christmas party. As everybody is enjoying the meal at the party, a visitor appears in front of Shirou…


Hot, Hot Hot Pot13m

One very snowy, very cold day. Just like any other day, the usual members are gathered at the Emiya house, seated at the same table and sharing a meal. Todays menu that Shirou is cooking is…