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Danchigai (2015)

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Haruki e suas quatro irmãs, Mutsuki, Yayoi, Uzuki e Satsuki vivem uma vida que parece monótona. Apesar do fato de suas irmãs simplesmente não darem descanso para ele, sempre dando broncas e pregando peças, Haruki ainda gosta de sua vida.

Elenco principal

Sayaka Horino

Sayaka Horino

Satsuki Nakano
Mikako Komatsu

Mikako Komatsu

Yayoi Nakano
Atsushi Abe

Atsushi Abe

Haruki Nakano
Satomi Akesaka

Satomi Akesaka

Mutsuki Nakano
Sora Tokui

Sora Tokui

Uzuki Nakano


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1 - Building One: The Yumeno Apartments

Welcome to the Yumeno Apartments, where Haruki Nakano lives out his everyday life with his four sisters.

2 - Building Two: The Twins Homework

Uzuki and Satsuki do their best to finish their homework. Their assignment? A report on their family members!

3 - Building Three: Mutsuki's True Colors

Mutsuki is bright and beautiful, and diligent to top it all off. But she shows a different side in front of Haruki...

4 - Building Four: Curry and Rice

The grocery shopping must be done, so the Nakano siblings get together to conquer the week's shopping list.

5 - Building Five: Satsuki's Anime Clock

Satsuki and Haruki have an unexpected hobby in common. And Satsuki never misses a beat.

6 - Building Six: The Siblings' Multiplication

Multiplication is a fundamental skill! Everyone has to learn their multiplication tables in elementary school. If they don’t...

7 - Building Seven: The Apartment Complex's Pool Opening

It might be a little early to go to the beach, but that's not going to stop these siblings from having some fun in the water.

8 - Building Eight: Definitely Siblings

Do all twins look the same? Join the Nakanos as they look through some family history.

9 - Building Nine: For the Love of Pranks

Haruki is on his guard against Uzuki's pranks, but is that was Uzuki is really planning?

10 - Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request

Mutsuki has run into a problem she can't handle on her own. Is her request too much for Haruki to handle?

11 - Building Eleven: How Yayoi Nurses

Haruki is down with a cold, and the only one to help him out is Yayoi.

12 - Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters

The sisters get unusually close.