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Baccano! (2007)

Comédia Action & Adventure Animação Crime Mistério25m


Em 1711, um grupo de alquimistas buscando vida eterna se unem para invocar o "demônio" que guardava este segredo. O demônio concorda em dar o que eles querem - um elixir da vida, além do metodo para criar mais e como acabar com sua imortalidade - Na noite seguinte, alquimistas começaram a desaparecer, "comidos" por seus próprios. Percebendo que era perigoso estarem juntos, eles decidem se espalhar pelo mundo. Séculos depois, em uma América em época de lei-seca, os imortais se encontram novamente e então o Baccano! recomeça.

Elenco principal

Sanae Kobayashi

Sanae Kobayashi

Ennis (voice)
Akemi Kanda

Akemi Kanda

Czeslaw Meyer (voice)
Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Ladd Russo (voice)
Atsushi Imaruoka

Atsushi Imaruoka

Dallas Genoard (voice)
Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

Luck Gandor (voice)
Marina Inoue

Marina Inoue

Eve Genoard (voice)
Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake

Berga Gandor (voice)
Masakazu Morita

Masakazu Morita

Claire "Vino" Stanfield (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi

Chic Jefferson (voice)


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1 - The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything about the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character

It's 1931 and Carol, the assistant of the Daily Days vice president Gustav St-Germain, is researching a bunch of astonishing events that have been occurring for the past several years. She struggles to determine the lead character of it all and in the midst of this, delves into the story that begins with the turf war between the Runorata family and the Gandor family. Gustavo of the Runorata family is said to have killed Luck and Firo, so to cover up his mess he needs to take care of Dallas. Meanwhile an incident has occurred on the Flying Pussyfoot and Ludd and Lua are found as survivors, but not without sustaining injuries.

2 - Setting the Old Woman's Qualms Aside, the Flying Pussyfoot Departs

In the late 1930 of California, Isaac and Miria are in a mine digging for gold and months pass without any success. They receive a letter from Ennis in New York, who ask for them to return but they don't have any money. So after stealing some cash from the mafia they board the Flying Pussyfoot to New York, where they happen to spot a lot of suspicious characters. Whilst Isaac and Miria are getting acquainted with Jacuzzi and Nice something to do with the "Lemurs" is about to begin.

3 - Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready for the Party

In 1932, Eve is watching the Hudson River in New York being dug up. The story then moves to 1931, when Runorata men come to the Daily Days for information on Dallas. Meanwhile in New York two idiots end up accidentally setting a storehouse on fire, where old man Barnes has been able to obtain the Immortality Elixir. Barnes manages to escape with 2 bottles but ends up getting into some trouble shortly afterwards. Back in the Flying Pussyfoot, everything is about to go down.

4 - Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking a Lot and Slaughtering a Lot

10 hours before the Flying Pussyfoot departs, in California, Russo learns that his cash was stolen by a couple and one of his underlings was killed. Then Ladd barges in and shows Russo just how much of a homicidal maniac his before heading to the Flying Pussyfoot with his subordinates. Back to the Flying Pussyfoot, Vicky has been killed by the "Lemurs" and yet again Ladd shows how much of a maniac he is. In New York Isaac and Miria happily enter the hat shop and after their purchase they are hit by the car Ennis is driving. She happens to be chauffeuring Szilard to the secret society of old geezers.

5 - Jacuzzi Splot Cries, Gets Scared and Musters Reckless Valor

It's 1931 the day before the Flying Pussyfoot departs and Jacuzzi is about to be killed by some of Russo's men. Back to the Flying Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi discovers the dead bodies of the conductor, and Nice and Donny arrive at the conductor's cabin as well. In New York in 1930, Mr. Barnes wakes to discover he's in the location of the secret social society and Szilard wants to find out exactly what happened. Back to 1931, Gustavo is annoyed that his subordinates couldn't get any info on Dallas' location so he personally goes there himself to find out. Meanwhile Firo is inaugurated into the Camorras after a swear-in ceremony and a knife-fight with Maiza.

6 - The Rail Tracer Covertly, Repeatedly Slaughters Inside the Coaches

1931 on board the Flying Pussyfoot, the "Rail Tracer" appears to be killing of members of the "Lumeres" for reasons yet unknown. In New York in 1930, Dallas and his gang go to Luck for some help after running into some trouble but they get thrown out and end up leaving the crate he took from Mr Barnes. Back on the Flying Pussyfoot, Czeslaw leaves Mary in a broom closet in order to search for some Immortals. Meanwhile Nice, Jacuzzi and Donny rescue Nick who was tied up. Back to New York Isaac and Miria are busy reminiscing when all of a sudden they run into Dallas who is in a really bad mood. While they are beating up Isaac, Ennis knocks them out but only because she was ordered to take them back. Later that day Gustavo plans to kidnap Eve and use her to lure out Dallas.

7 - Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis

It's 1711 aboard the Advena Avis ship and a group of alchemists lead by Maiza is about to attempt summoning a demon to grant them the Immortal elixir. The summoning was proven to be a success and the demon granted them all the elixir, with 3 rules to go along with the elixir. Because they all follow Maiza's decision not to share the knowledge with those outside the group, it isn't long before someone gets greedy for the knowledge and that person is Szilard.

8 - Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them

In 1931 onboard the Flying Pussyfoot, Issac and Miria realize that they forgot to get Ennis a souvenir and Jacuzzi, Nice, Donny and Nick decide to search for the Rail Tracer. In New York in 1930, whilst Eve is crying over her missing brother she overhears Isaac and Miria's supposedly "quiet" conversation and goes out to investigate. After a while Eve begins to enjoy their company and even tells them about her brother Dallas, so in their way of helping Isaac and Miria decide to rob the Genoard family assets. On the Flying Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi and co. discover that their friends are missing so he instructions them to split up into 2 groups to search for them.

9 - Claire Stanfield Faithfully Carries Out the Mission

1931 on board the Flying Pussyfoot, Ladd flips out after discovering the bodies in the conductor's cabin, with one of them being a fat conductor and Dune. It then reveals exactly what occurred in the conductor's cabin and how the Rail Tracer is in fact an elusive assassin Claire Stanfield/Vino. 1932 in New York, Rachel finally arrives back at the Daily Days to reveal to Nicholas and the president of DD all the information she gathered, based on her own experience. Back to 1930, Dallas and his gang wake up after being injected by Mr Barnes' Immortal Elixir and after eating on of them Szilard decides to use them against the Gandors.

10 - Czeslaw Meyer is Forced to Rework His Tremble-Before-the-Specter-of-Immortals Strategy

Newfoundland 1931, Senator Beriam goes to see Huey Laforet in prison, to inform him of the situation that is happening on board the Flying Pussyfoot but Huey seems to understand the situation seeing how his daughter Chane is there. Meanwhile Czeslaw is trying to make a deal with Ladd, in order for him to find an Immortal but Ladd declines. 1932 in New York, Eve escapes from Gustavo's clutches and is picked up by Elean from the Daily Days. She then tells him to go to the Gandor headquarters in order to get some info on her brother Dallas. In 1930, Isaac and Miria are plotting their next robbery when they see Dallas carrying the box of elixir and steal it from him. After discovering the contents of the crate and thinking it is just alcohol, they head to the Martillo's office.

11 - Chane Laforet Remains Silent in the Face of Two Mysterious People

1931 on top of the Flying Pussyfoot, Chane is fighting Ladd but is forced to run away. After discovering this Goose orders his men to kill Chane if necessary and Ladd is able find out about this, after squeezing one of their men for information. Meanwhile Czeslaw is plotting his next move when all of a sudden Claire appears before him and enacts his one form of torture. After taking care of him, Claire goes on top of the Flying Pussyfoot to greet Ladd and Chane. New York in 1930, Maiza goes to the restaurant where he discovers Szilard who is waiting for him. Szilard reveals to Maiza what he's been getting up to and what he hopes to achieve, with the Immortal Elixir. In 1932, following all the commotion; Runorata enters the Gandor's office, desiring to know Dallas's whereabouts.

12 - Firo and the Three Gandor Brothers Are Felled by Assassins' Bullets

1932 in the Daily Days news office, Rachel continues to give her account on what she did that led up to her leg injury. After rescuing the Mary and Natalie, she moves on to the next cart to risk her life by saving Nice and Nick. 1930 in New York, Firo and Ennis are held at gun point by Dallas when all of a sudden the Gandors arrive to return Dallas the favour. During all the commotion Maiza finds an opportunity to escape and when Szilard tries to pursue him he gets hit by a car that Isaac is driving. 1931 on board the Flying Pussyfoot, Claire forces Ladd to risk his life to save Lua, whilst Jacuzzi is trying save everyone on the train but gets caught in a fire-fight with Goose.

13 - Both the Immortals and Those Who Aren't Sing the Praises of Life Equally

1931 on top of the Flying Pussyfoot, Claire is thinking whether he should kill or not kill Chane but instead comes out and proposes to her. Meanwhile Jacuzzi is having a stand off with Goose when he finally gets an opportunity to use the gift Nice gave him early. Isaac and Miria are also on the train roof when they see something coming towards Czeslaw and try to protect him thinking it's the Rail Tracer. New York in 1930, Ennis betrays Szilard and just when he is about to finish Ennis off all the guys who were shot early, including Firo, suddenly emerge. It is time for Szilard to receive his retribution. New York in 2001, Isaac and Miria are up to their usual mishaps.