The Angels Descend5m

Michael (Faith) finds a random human across the street and picks him as her personal candidate to be the Messiah. Shortly afterwards, she moves in with her candidate and starts training him like a soldier to fight the demons. As harsh and strict Michael is, her candidate manages to get into her good graces by cooking her favorite meal, omelettes.


I'm Supporting You from the Shadows5m

Uriel (Patience) chooses an office worker as her Messiah candidate and begins stalking him throughout his daily routine, which begins disrupting his ability to do his work and eventually gets him fired. As the candidate attempts to find a new job, Uriel, having concluded that she has fallen in love with him, moves in with him.


Special Dessert Training5m

Raphael (Temperance) becomes acquainted to a young man selling pastries in a street. After eating some of his cupcakes, Raphael excitedly begins helping him bake and sell more pastries, which ultimately become a success. Hearing of the humans dream of becoming a master pastry chief, Raphael realizes that being a Messiah will prevent him from following his dream, so she refrains from recruiting him and erases his memories of her.


Please Focus5m

Sandalphon (Diligence) chooses a student as her candidate and helps him study for an exam using her inventions and asking advice from Belphegor. Despite Sandalphons machines and her own physical attractiveness giving him trouble to focus on his studies, the candidate ultimately, albeit barely, passes his exam.


Is This... Alright?5m

Metatron (Charity) works as a nurse at a hospital to treat her candidate but realizes that she doesnt know anything about being a nurse, so she resorts to simply using her body to clean him up and feel better. While the candidate is initially glad to be serviced by her, she quickly turns into a sexual sadist upon touching a needle, which ultimately makes him worse.


No! That's Immoral!5m

Gabriel (Chastity) is lecturing a crowd against engaging in sexual activities when she spots her candidate. She immediately moves in with him and tries to clean up all of his immoralities - ranging from stealing his porn to dictating what foods, clothes he can have. On his day off, the candidate takes Gabriel to the amusement park, where she finally reveals her true angelic form and invites him to a wholesome relationship with her.


Bom Trabalho5m

Sariel (Kindness) is waiting for her Messiah candidate when he returns home from work and helps him cope with the stresses of his job.


Tenha Cuidado Em Trens Lotados!5m

Michael, Sariel, Raphael and Gabriel observe the human world by riding the train with their candidates. Despite Michaels distaste in how the humans around her behave, she agrees to keep looking out for them.


Training Together?!5m

Michael and the other Heavenly Virtues participate in a fitness training video for their candidates.


The Angels' Room5m

Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Sandalphon brag about their respective Messiah candidates to each other while changing in the locker room. After initially lying to her comrades, Michael confesses that her main reason for sticking with her candidate has been the delicious omelettes he makes her. Michael then joins the Virtues in returning to Heaven.