Flower Tale22m

Kamakura all-girl high schools newest student is this little crybaby Fumi Manjoume. In the morning of the schools welcome ceremony while on the train in a chance encounter she meets a girl from a different high school, named Akira Okudaira. As it just so happens, these two girls were childhood friends who had not seen each other for 10 years until now. This meeting at the station on the way to school, brought tears to Fumis eyes. Akira saying that Fumi hasnt changed much since they were kids softly handed her a handkerchief to wipe away the tears...


Spring Storm22m

Through this chance reunion between these two childhood friends, both Akira and Fumi make a promise to go to school together despite the fact that they attend two different schools, while still making other friends along the way. Almost as if they were making up for lost time, the intimacy between the two starts to deepen. Entering school and overcome with excitement, Akira and fellow classmate - Kyouko Ikumi - decide to join the drama club. Respectively, Fumi decides to join the literary club and along the way mistakens Yasuko - the cool, boyish upper classman who is part of the basketball club - as part of the literary club. Yasuko later decides to make a guest appearance at Akira and Kyoukos club.


Rise and Shine22m

Planning to back out of joining the basketball club, Fumi is asked out on a date by her senpai - Yasuko Sugimoto. While thrown off guard and a bit flustered, she is surprisingly happy on the inside. However, Akira is invited to a mixer by her classmate Kyouko, whose fiance Kou Sawanoi, will be attending. For some reason, maybe the anticipation of meeting Kou, Akira left her home nervous and on edge. Meanwhile on that very day, Fumi and her senpai had a surprisingly quiet and pleasant time together. As the distance between them began to shorten at the library, they leaned in for their first kiss...


Youth is a Lovely Thing22m

After being asked by Yasuko to accompany her to school, Fumi worries about who to walk to school with: her childhood friend or girl who she likes. When revealing her predicament to Akira, she laughs and they come up with a solution to her problem. In the meantime, Kyouko starts to inquire about Yasuko...


Wuthering Heights (1)22m

Preparations for the school production and upper classmens musical number are in full swing. With Yasuko making a guest appearance as the protagonist, Heathcliff, many of her fans have gathered in great excitement to see her performance. However, theres only on person on her mind: Fumi. Kyouko approaches Yasuko and carefully acknowledges that she knows about her and Fumi, which brings about some uneasiness to Fumi. This causes her to ask Yasuko a question about her first love.


Wuthering Heights (2)22m

Finally the day of the Fujigayas performance has arrived. The first years start off with a performance of Le Petit Prince, followed by the second years Little Women. Finally the upper classmen begin their performance of Wurthering Heights. Fumi heart skips a beat at the sight of Yasukos performance on stage. At the end of the performance, Fumi is taken aback as her senpai starts to cry.


When the Leaves Were New22m

The day after Fujigayas theatrical festival, Akira and Fumi head off to Yokohama for a day to play. On that day, Fumi decided to stay over at Akiras place, making Yasuko a bit uneasy as she expressed her thoughts to Akira. After hearing Akiras thoughts on the matter, Yasuko decided to let it go. However, she later decides to invite Fumi to her home...


Love Is Blind22m

Fujigayas school newspaper announces that Mr. Kagami is getting married. He states that he had no prior knowledge of Yasukos prior experience, after being cross examined by Kyouko. With all this going on, Yasuko has been giving Fumi the cold shoulder, and, unwilling to take any more of this, Akira confronts Yasuko on behalf of Fumi...


A Midsummer Night's Dream22m

Summer vacation arrives, and Kyouko starts inviting people to a summer trip, even to Kou Sawanoi. It seems like everyones invited except, Akira and Fumi. However, they are plenty busy with other plans for the summer holiday. However on Kyoukos camping trip during a test of courage activity, Kou debates whether or not to reveal a huge secret...


The Happy Prince22m

As the new semester begins, Kazusa Sugimoto and Mr. Kagamis wedding day is finally here. Akira, Kyouko and the theater members attend the ceremony. And while everyone is excited to meet the family, all Kyouko can do is look at Yasuko. While many emotions and thoughts fill the air, the bride and groom are greeted mostly with blessing for their wedding. After the ceremony, Fumi and Akira meet up at Enoshima to hang out, but to their surprise another unexpected guest appears.


Fireworks in Winter22m

In the blink of an eye, summer has past and fall has sunken in. Yasukos basketball team has begun to excel pushing them into the national tournament. However, a rumor about Yasuko going to study in England after graduation begins to spread, which comes as a shock to Kyouko. In the meantime, Fumi runs into Yasuko at the train station, and looking at each other together.