The Ugly Duckling24m

Sora is determined to join the basketball club, but the clubs members are determined to goof off instead of practice. Soras solution? A five-on-one game, winner takes all.


Boys Without Talent24m

Soras skill and enthusiasm remind Momoharu of what it means to be passionate about basketball — but will Momoharu keep his promise to get serious about the game again?


Momoharus Wings24m

Punks from Maru High have challenged Soras team to a basketball match, but how good is their team, anyway? Sora goes undercover to investigate.


First Flight24m

The day of the match against Maru High is here, and Sora cant wait to hit the court. But do the punks of Kuzu High stand a chance against their more experienced opponents?


Broken Wings24m

Tokitaka thinks hes found a way to shut Sora out of the paint, but the pint-sized powerhouse still has a trick up his sleeve that could turn this game around.


Nows the Time24m

Soras new strategy has put him in the crosshairs of the defense, and things are looking bleak. Luckily for him, Kuzu Highs secret weapon is ready to take the court.


The Troublesome Freshman24m

After taking an exhausted Sora home post-game, Madoka learns the truth about Soras basketball-star mother and the reasoning behind his grand ambitions.


The Duck and the Kite24m

Kite only cares about two things: the ball and the basket. Team bonding? Hell pass, thanks — but will he change his tune when he learns he shares a common dream with Sora?


Kite, His Ball, and the Teams Pain24m

Kites fate was sealed the moment he laid hands on those upperclassmen. Luckily for him, Sora has never been one to give up without a fight.



All Sora wanted was to get his wings repaired. He didnt count on getting a super cute, super clumsy team manager in the bargain.


The Boys Stubbornness and Girls Pride24m

Winning the match against the girls team should be a piece of cake, but Naos tactical abilities — not to mention the value of teamwork — shouldnt be taken lightly.



When Nao abruptly resigns as manager, Sora learns that there is more to her basketball background than meets the eye. Later, the need for team funds rears its expensive head.


Differing Enthusiasm24m

True passion for the game drives players like Sora to succeed. But can passion for basketball be taught — especially to players still new to the sport?


Towards Victory24m

Its hard to stay motivated when the inter-high tournament is so far away, but Nao has a plan to keep the team on its toes. First item on the agenda: learning how to screen.


The Boys Spirit24m

The players of Kuzu High have just one practice game to prove theyre worth taking seriously. Has their training camp paid off, or will Kitasumi High dominate the court?


The Best Start and the Worst Start24m

As Kitasumi High gets serious, Nao unveils Kuzu Highs super secret defense strategy. Its time to knock out the competition — and Sora is the key to victory.



Although guarding Taro is exhausting, Soras intense eyes make it clear that hes ready to face the challenge head on. But can Chucky say the same when he takes to the court?



With Sora on the sidelines, Tobi becomes the target of Kitasumi Highs latest defense strategy: the insidious 2-2-1 zone press.


Higher Than Anyone24m

Dedication. Perseverance. Commitment. These are the qualities that make a basketball champion — and thanks to Konishi, Momoharu isnt sure if he possesses any of them.


Last Play24m

As Sora steps into the role of pointguard, Chiaki steps into the spotlight. The fate of the game hangs in the balance, but will their change-up lead to victory or defeat?



A final shot will decide the fate of the match against Kitasumiyoshi High. As the dust settles, Madoka makes a difficult decision.


The Last Piece24m

The school basketball tournament pits teammate against teammate. As Sora and Tobi face off, a towering new player steps onto the court.


The Moon and the Hoop24m

Mokichis height gives him an undisputed advantage on the court, but when it comes to basketball, height alone cant outpace the pressure of lofty expectations.



Midterms have arrived, and the team will have to hit the books if they all want to enter the tournament preliminaries. Meanwhile, Madoka makes a shocking discovery.


Undiscovered Talent24m

After a sleepless night, the first match of the tournament has arrived. But Kuzu High isnt the only team pinning their dreams on this game.


Rush and Rush24m

Hobble a key player, and the entire team will fall apart. Chiaki learns this lesson the hard way when the players of Shinjo High render his passing abilities obsolete.


The Hard Play24m

Kuzus early lead makes no difference to Shinjo High, who quickly takes control of the game. Subbed in as pointguard, can Sora turn the tide back in his teams favor?



As pressure builds and halftime approaches, Chiaki makes a decision that could shake the entire team. Will he leave Kuzu high and dry or rally in time for the second half?



As Kuzu dominates the court, the prospect of winning fades for Shinjo High — but help is on the way from the teams most unlikely player.


Reason for Living24m

Despite his terrible knee injury, Kojimas skill are formidable, but he isnt the only member of Shinjo High that Kuzu should keep on their radar…


What Must Be Protected24m

As the end of the game draws near, the players of Kuzu High push themselves to the limit. Only one things for certain: Stamina will decide their fate.


Time Limit24m

With only seconds on the clock, the pressure of defending the lead falls squarely on Kuzu High. But winning the match isnt the only thing Sora needs to worry about…



Reunited at long last, Sora and his mother have a lot to talk about — and time is of the essence. Elsewhere, Soras teammates deal with the aftermath of their recent match.


Light Trails24m

Sora is nowhere to be found, and in his absence, the basketball team must pick up the pieces. Whether they will succeed depends on the fire burning in their hearts.



A new challenger with mysterious motivations approaches Tobi for a game of one-on-one. Meanwhile, Sora returns, but the basketball team isnt the same club he left behind.


Kids Are Allright24m

The team must find a new advisor, so they take matters into their own hands — but will Satsuki be willing to return to the basketball club? Better yet, will Momoharu?



It may be raining, but nothing can douse Sora and his teammates fiery passion for basketball. Proving that passion to the administration, however, is another matter entirely.



Restless and unfocused, Madoka takes the night off to hang out with friends. But fun turns to fear when Madoka realizes shes lost something important in the pouring rain…


Fight For Rock For Life24m

Chiba is determined to take Maru High to the top! And with only one more chance to reach the inter-high, theyll have to pull out all the stops to beat Yokohama Taiei.


Stop & Go24m

Yokohama Taiei is a force to be reckoned with, but not everyone is suited for a spot on this infamous team. Elsewhere, Sora seeks out a previous opponent for guidance.



The day of the match against Yokohama Taiei descends along with a wave of unprecedented heat… and Tobi is nowhere to be found.


War Declaration24m

After a rocky start, Kuzu plays surprisingly well again Yokohama Taiei — but when a new player enters the game, the tide abruptly turns.


The Best Lineup24m

At rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Tobi knows this all too well, and hes determined to take Kuzu High all the way to the top! But first they need to take Taiei down…



Whats a pint-sized point guard to do when the opposition shuts down every play? Advice on the matter comes from an unexpected source, but it may do more harm than good.



Tobi and Sora have something in common: rivalries with other players. Too bad Tobis rivalry seems so one-sided… for now, at least.


Certain Proof24m

Once they find the spark that sets them alight, Kuzu High will not be stopped. The spark that sets Sora ablaze? Another player who will bring out his full potential.


Sora the Duck24m

Sora gets a run for his money when a pokerfaced new player leaps onto the court — and into the role of the oppositions point guard.


The Straight Story24m

Some players run toward the finish line; others stop or slow down along the way. With Chiakis help, Tobi intends to sprint straight to winning against Yokohama Taiei!


The Last Period24m

Its the final period of their match against Yokohama, and the fate of the Kuzu High basketball team hangs entirely upon their performance in the last few seconds of the game.



The match is finally over, and one question remains: Have the players of Kuzu High done enough to save the basketball club, or have their inter-high dreams come to an end?