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Zombieland Saga (2018)

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As manhãs habituais. A música habitual. O eu habitual. Para sete meninas, uma vida pacífica foi subitamente destruída. Tudo nas mãos de zumbis, coisas mortas que de alguma forma permaneceram em movimento. Agora eles entram em um novo mundo, gostem ou não. Um "zombieworld" que representava o melhor e o pior. As sete meninas tinham apenas um desejo: "Queremos viver".

Elenco principal

Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano

Kotaro Tatsumi (voice)
Kaede Hondo

Kaede Hondo

Sakura Minamoto (voice)
Asami Tano

Asami Tano

Saki Nikaidou (voice)
Risa Taneda

Risa Taneda

Ai Mizuno (voice)
Maki Kawase

Maki Kawase

Junko Konno (voice)
Rika Kawai

Rika Kawai

Yuugiri (voice)
Minami Tanaka

Minami Tanaka

Lily Hoshikawa (voice)
Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Tae Yamada (voice)
Yasuhiro Takato

Yasuhiro Takato

Romero (voice)


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1 - Good Morning SAGA

Minamoto Sakura is starting her second year of high school with a song in her heart and a head full of dreams! Can she really become a glittering idol on stage? Are her nights of living as a normal high school girl coming to an end?


It's the dawn of a new life as Sakura meets the rest of her idol unit! But can they overcome their differences in personalities and come together to as a team?


On the day of their first guerrilla show, Sakura and the girls have barely had any time to rehearse, and Junko and Ai aren't sure about joining in. Will they be able to set aside their differences and capture the hearts of the passing pedestrians?

4 - Warming Dead SAGA

Franchouchou is headed to the land of Ureshino in Saga to do perform for a big company! Will they be able to win over a new business partner with their singing and dancing?

5 - The Nice Bird SAGA in Your Heart

After the trouble at the hot springs, the girls get an opportunity to promote a local legend. After they fail to chicken out, their next gig involves a train to Kashima to steal a muddy spotlight.

6 - Because It's Sentimental SAGA

Just when Franchouchou's efforts finally starting to attract some attention, a disagreement leads to Ai versus Junko in a battle of idol ideology.

7 - But It's Zombiemental SAGA

The time has come for Franchouchou to take the stage at the Saga Rock musical festival! But clouds are starting to gather, with the thunder and lightning causing Ai to freeze up in fear. Who will help re-animate her so that the show can be a success?

8 - Go Go Neverland SAGA

With Franchouchou gaining more notoriety from Saga Rock, the girls luck finally seems to be turning around. But they're in for a surprise: it's the return of the living dad when Lily's father spots her on TV!

9 - Though My Life May Have Ended Once by Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and If Song and Dance Are to Be My Fate, Then Car

It's been a long time since Saki used to fight an army of rival bikers in the darkness, but an unexpected encounter with the family of an old friend draws her into back into the kind of rough scene that could be anathema to her idol activities.


The girls of Franchouchou are going to have a dedicated concert! With a crowd capacity of five hundred! And Kotaro's plan to get them ready is... training in the mountains? Will his braindead idea pay off?

11 - A One-of-a-Kind SAGA

Sakura's amnesia is gone, and the results are unexpected. Will she be able to reconcile her new grim outlook on life in time for Franchouchou's big show, or is she doomed to be wasting away emotionally?

12 - Good Morning Again SAGA

The day of the Arpino show has come, and the other members of Franchouchou have made it clear to Sakura that they're not going to quarantine her because of her bad luck. But with a blizzard brewing, will the girls' undying loyalty to their friend prove to be their undoing?