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Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (2019)

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Um dia, a aluna da quinta série Hinata Hoshino leva sua amiga Hana Shirosaki para sua casa, e a irmã de Hinata, Miyako, uma estudante universitária, se apaixona por Hana à primeira vista. Miyako consegue se dar bem com Hana de alguma forma, mas seu comportamento desajeitado e timidez fazem Hana desconfiada. Mesmo assim, Hana gradualmente se abre para Miyako, que quer se aproximar dela.

Elenco principal

Maria Sashide

Maria Sashide

Shirosaki Hana
Hitomi Ohwada

Hitomi Ohwada

Tanemura Koyori
Rika Nagae

Rika Nagae

Hoshino Hinata
Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda

Hoshino Miyako
Naomi Ozora

Naomi Ozora

Konomori Kanon
Akari Kito

Akari Kito

Himesaka Noa


Matsumoto Kouko


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1 - A Funny, Squirmy Feeling

Shy college student and otaku Miyako lives at home. One spring day, her little sister, Hinata, brings home a new friend she made at elementary school. From the moment Miyako sees Hana-chan, her heart won't stop racing! Desperate to make friends with the angelic Hana-chan, Miyako uses her skill at making sweets to try to lure her in, but...

2 - Incontestably Cute

Following Hana-chan, the new friend Hinata brings home this time is none other than the girl who moved in next door, Noa-chan! Miyako can't hide her distress at having the girl who witnessed her embarrassing display reappear before her eyes. Now, in order for Noa-chan to keep her secret, Miyako must do whatever she says...

3 - Imprinting

At school, Hinata and the others are told to make an original board game for class, and the theme they choose is nothing other than "Mya-nee"! Miyako can't hide her anxiety when confronted with a board game designed to help her be less shy, but then she realizes it's a chance to get closer to Hana-chan. She gladly joins in, and what awaits her is...

4 - Can We Talk for a Moment?

While playing in the pool Miyako readied for them in the backyard, Hinata, Hana-chan, and Noa-chan discover the unexpected truth that Miyako doesn't like school swimsuits! Sensing that now, while Hana-chan is wearing a school swimsuit, is her chance to grab the title of "most cute," Noa-chan presses Miyako hard, but...

5 - Don't Worry! Leave It to Me!

Hinata's classmate Koyori-chan is always hoping that people will rely on her, but it never seems to work out that way. Even so, Kanon-chan is always there to gently smooth things along for her. One day in class, the two of them join Hinata's group and together they all attempt to bake cookies, but...

6 - Mya-nee Doesn't Have Any Friends

Miyako suddenly says she's going to university, shocking Hinata and the others! Unable to believe that Miyako is really a university student, Hinata and the others tail her. They successfully infiltrate the campus, and just when they are at a loss as to how to find Miyako, a young lady who knows where she is calls out to them...

7 - I Don't Understand What Mya-nee Is Saying

Hinata is always full of energy! But one morning, she comes down with a fever. Her mother tells her to stay home from school, thinking she'd rest, but Hinata turns to Miyako and says, "let's play!" When Miyako says she won't be home because of classes, Hinata's dejected reaction makes Miyako decide to take the day off to care for her, but...

8 - Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss

One day, in spite of the fact that her little sister Hinata has been sent off on an errand, Miyako spends her time wearing her same old track suit, engrossed in a game. Her mother, Chizuru, can't stand seeing her daughter like this and gives Miyako money to go out and buy new clothes, but...

9 - Please Stay Until I Fall Asleep

Noa-chan appears at the Hoshino house with special movie tickets she got from her mom! But they're only good until the next day... Miyako and Hana-chan have other plans, so they turn her down right away. Hinata is the only one who says she can go! Finding herself unexpectedly alone on a date with Hinata, Noa-chan decides to...

10 - I Said Too Much Again

Noa-chan's upset because she can't get her hair to do what she wants. Hana-chan sees her and offers to help! Hana-chan is pleased with the results, but her catastrophic level of clumsiness makes things even worse leading Noa-chan to seek Miyako's help, but...

11 - In Short, It's Your Fault, Onee-san

Hinata's class is putting on a play for the school Culture Festival, and the one nominated by Hinata to play the lead, the one who won the lottery, beating all those who volunteered for the part, is none other than Hana-chan! Miyako, delirious with delight, decides to buy a video camera to capture such a precious appearance, but the girls have something to ask of her...

12 - Angel's Gaze

Finally, it's here! The day of the Culture Festival! Miyako, who avoids crowds in daily life, goes to the school in full battle gear(?!) in order to see everyone in their hour of triumph. After meeting up with everyone and having some fun, they head to the gym where the play will be held. After getting ready, Hana-chan and the others wait in the wings. The curtain is about to rise!