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Wagamama High Spec (2016)

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Kouki Narumi é um estudante colegial da Academia Ousui, ele também desenha um mangá para uma revista semanal. O mangá que ele desenha é uma comédia romântica picante e ele mantém este fato em segredo de todos ao seu redor, exceto de sua irmã mais nova Toa e seu melhor

Elenco principal

Mariko Honda

Mariko Honda

Kaoruko Rokuonji (voice)
Mai Gotou

Mai Gotou

Toa Narumi (voice)
Megu Sakuragawa

Megu Sakuragawa

Ashe R. Sakuragi (voice)
Chiyo Ousaki

Chiyo Ousaki

Mihiro Miyase (voice)


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1 - Glaring Summer Days

It's still only June, but Ousui Academy is stricken by intense heat. To make matters worse, the air conditioner in the student council room is broken. Then Ashe comes up with an idea to combat the heat...

2 - Cheerful Cooking

Miyase Restaurant, Mihiro's family business, plans to add some new items to its menu for the summer... so Mihiro decides to ask the other student council members to help come up with ideas.

3 - Last-Minute Drawing

As the deadline for her manuscript approaches, Kaoruko is struggling with the poses of some of the characters, so she asks Toa and Mihiro to model for her. Toa isn't interested at first, but when Kaoruko offers her favorite food as compensation...

4 - Frantic Hunting

Though Kaoruko has completed her mountain of work, the student council room is now buried under a mountain of trash. Kaoruko was enjoying the feeling of having her manuscript done, but then a small black form scurries in front of her...

5 - Scary After-School

Ashe is reading a book of school horror stories and loses track of the time. When she finally gets up to leave, the school is already dark and empty...

6 - Puzzlingly Mysterious

Mihiro finds a piece of paper in the student council room with some odd scribbles that might be handwriting. Kaoruko thinks it must be a riddle that Kouki devised for an upcoming story in his manga, and sets about trying to decipher it!

7 - Mumbly Sleeping

Kaoruko hasn't slept for about a week in her rush to complete another manuscript, so the other student council girls decide to do whatever they can to help her get some sleep...

8 - Heart-Pounding Mechanics

Ashe and Mihiro enter the student council room to find a robot inside! The robot, Axis-kun, was built to help with various tasks, and the school is assisting in its development as a monitor. But as Ashe inspects the newcomer, she gets a bit too excited and the inevitable happens...

9 - Kitty Kitty Melancholic

Mihiro finds a lost cat on the way to school and asks Toa to help her find its owner.

10 - This-and-That Slapstick

Now that students have the ability to upload videos to the school's website, Kaoruko suggests that the student council try filming a movie to upload.

11 - Round-and-Round Swimming

The girls of the student council are visiting a water park... but an unexpected accident takes all the relaxation out of their vacation!