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Val x Love (2019)

Action & Adventure Comédia Sci-Fi & Fantasy Animação Crime Mistério24m


Akutsu Takuma era um colegial solitário que vivia de forma isolada por conta de um apelido que recebeu pela sua aparência (Akuma). Em um certo dia, ele conhece um grupo de nove valquírias, denominas Saotome, recebendo então um pedido direto de Odin para ajudar a derrotar demônios que ameaçam a terra.

Elenco principal

Yuya Hirose

Yuya Hirose

Takuma Akutsu (voice)
Kaede Hondo

Kaede Hondo

Natsuki Saotome (voice)
Ai Kakuma

Ai Kakuma

Itsuyo Saotome (voice)
Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka

Mutsumi Saotome (voice)
Yumi Hara

Yumi Hara

Futaba Saotome (voice)
Ayaka Shimizu

Ayaka Shimizu

Misa Saotome (voice)
Yumi Uchiyama

Yumi Uchiyama

Ichika Saotome (voice)
Kotori Koiwai

Kotori Koiwai

Kururi Saotome (voice)
Maki Kawase

Maki Kawase

Yakumo Saotome (voice)


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1 - The Fighting Maiden

Takuma's classmates are so terrified of him that they're convinced he's responsible for the Akuma attacks across the city. The nine Valkyries he lives with know better.

2 - The Binding Maiden

Itsuyo quickly became the student council president, but can she quickly level up before the next battle? Perhaps Takuma can help sate her desire.

3 - The Secret Maiden

Mutsumi is overjoyed she's finally on a date with Takuma! There's only one problem: She's an idol, so it could ruin both the date and her career if someone recognizes her.

4 - The Serving Maiden

Futaba is crazy strong and when she plays tag, she plays for keeps. The upcoming campus festival offers an opportunity for a date, but does danger lurk on the horizon?

5 - The Believing Maiden

The Valkyries have the perfect opportunity to level up at the campus festival. Unfortunately for them, their attendance gives Garum the chance he's been waiting for.

6 - The Naked Maiden

Futaba fights Garm as the other Valkyries face a fierce onslaught. Takuma and Natsuki prepare to take their relationship to the next level to save them.

7 - The Reeling Maiden

"Dr." Takuma gives the Valkyries a physical examination. Afterwards, Misa starts a date with Takuma so Itsuyo can take notes.

8 - The Strengthening Maiden

Mutsumi and Yakumo need to get stronger, fast! But that's easier said than done since Takuma finds Yakumo extremely intimidating.

9 - The Touching Maiden and the Touched Maiden

As a third party plots their next move, Takuma must save Itsuyo from… Natsuki? Ichika is still level 1 and needs Takuma’s help. Too bad she thinks he’s pathetic.

10 - The Drunken Maiden

Natsuki has a hunch regarding what Takuma brought home from this store, and she doesn't like it one bit... so she takes matters into her own hands!

11 - The Accepting Maiden

Futaba fights Skuld and the akuma alone so Ichika and Takuma can launch a sneak attack. Everything goes according to plan until Takuma senses something’s wrong...

12 - The Loving Maiden!

Nine Valkyries descended from the heavens to fight akuma. But victory often comes at a price. There may only be eight Valkyries remaining when the dust settles...