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The Head (1994)

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The Head began as an ongoing series that originally ran under the title MTV's Oddities, on MTV. It has begun airing on MTV2 in August 2009. It was released on DVD on December 15, 2009.

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Paul Williams

Paul Williams


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1 - The Head Saves The Earth

Jim awakens one morning to find that his cranium has more than doubled in proportion. Initially embarrassed, it takes Jim nearly a week to leave his apartment, and his first stop is a head specialist. But good Dr. Axel can offer no solid answers, so an irritated Jim heads out the door for home. On his way, he's cornered by a gang of thugs, who have absolutely no idea what's awaiting them. Jim's head splits in two and out jumps a little purple alien who attacks them. After beating up the aggressors, the alien pops back into Jim's head, which seals up behind him. Dumbfounded, Jim heads home and interrogates the alien. Turns out his name's Roy, and he's on a mission to save the Earth from a parasitic alien named Gork. Dr. Lucas Elliott, a disgruntled FBI agent, catches the thugs telling their story on Eye Witness News, and begins his pursuit of Jim.

2 - The Date

Jim had forgotten that he had set up a date with Madelyn, which Roy encourages him to keep.

3 - The Mission

Jim awakens to find that Madelyn has been possessed by Gork. Roy explains that the Gork race has made plans to invade the heads of Earthlings, and he came to Earth with a machine that could stop the invasion -- but it was broken into five pieces and scattered across the planet. Meanwhile, Dr. Elliott bursts in with his cronies to interrogate Dr. Axel. He tells of his childhood encounter with a Gork, then proceeds to kidnap the head specialist.

4 - The First Piece

Roy spies the first piece of the anti-invasion machine lodged in the face of the Statue of Liberty. Roy hops on the Staten Island Ferry to retrieve the piece, but he finds himself hunted by sightseers who think he's an alien California Raisin. Meanwhile, Jim goes to a meeting of ""human anomalies"" and befriends the group -- but Jim and Roy's telekinetic link cuts their meeting short when Jim receives a cry for help. Jim enlists the anomalies' aid to help him save Roy from the angry mob.

6 - Jim's Plan

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