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Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (2014)

Animação Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


Mistarcia é um mundo mágico onde humanos, deuses e demônios coexistem. No passado, um Bahamut ameaçou destruir todas as terras, mas humanos, deuses e demônios superaram suas diferenças para lutarem juntos e selarem seu poder. A chave para o selo foi dividida em dois, com uma metade em posse dos deuses e a outra com os demônios, de modo que nunca fossem unidas e o Bahamut revivido. Agora, dois mil anos depois, o mundo está em uma era de paz, até o dia em que uma mulher humana rouba a metade da chave em posse dos deuses.

Elenco principal

Risa Shimizu

Risa Shimizu

Amira (voice)
Eri Kitamura

Eri Kitamura

Cerberus (voice)
Go Inoue

Go Inoue

Kaisar Lidfard (voice)
Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro

Rita (voice)
Kenjiro Tsuda

Kenjiro Tsuda

Martinet (voice)
Hiroaki Hirata

Hiroaki Hirata

Lavalley (voice)
Megumi Han

Megumi Han

Jeanne d'Arc (voice)
Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi

Michael (voice)


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1 - Encounter Wytearp

Favaro Leone travels the land, collecting bounties while avoiding a rival bounty hunter. But his life changes when he encounters a mysterious girl from the sky…

2 - Escape From Livian

Favaro tries everything possible to remove his newly-acquired demon tail. Meanwhile, an elite band of knights is sent to retrieve Amira's God Key.

3 - Fog of Nebelville

While humans, gods, and demons pursue the God Key, Amira and Favaro venture into a small town covered in a mysterious, eerie fog...

4 - Reunion at Ysmenport

After receiving a helpful tip from Bacchus, Favaro and Amira finally board a boat headed for Helheim. By sheer coincidence, its captain is an old friend of Favaro's father.

5 - Rescue in Sword Valley

Favaro and Rita try to find a way into Azazel's flying castle, where Amira and Kaisar are being held prisoner.

6 - Anatae, Part 1: Legendary Saint

Favaro, Amira, and the others are captured and taken to the royal city of Anatae. There, truths are revealed and executions are prepared…

7 - Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages

The demon legion descends upon the city to claim the God Key while the humans go on the defense. A happy Amira appears before Favaro, claiming she met her father within the city, before dashing off. The King's forces battle the demons at a losing pace while Amira happily stuffs herself inside the kitchen while Favaro, Kaisar and Rita attempt to get information about her father. Azazel infiltrates the castle, leaving carnage behind as he seeks Amira who is now passed out. He proceeds to taunt Kaisar about his father's death, admitting his involvement but Favaro takes the blame and challenges Azazel, buying time to get Amira and the God Key away. Eventually Kaisar comes back to aid Favaro and Azazel recalls he is actually the killer of both their fathers. Kaisar sacrifices himself to buy time for Jeanne to charge up her sacred weapon Maltet who then delivers a decisive blow to the distracted Azazel. The tide changes, the humans winning and Favaro manages to save Kaisar but in the meantime when Rita finishes fighting and goes back to wake Amira she finds her missing.

8 - Anatae, Part 3: Beyond the Storm

Amira stumbles upon the statue of Bahamut, triggering a vision of the beast being freed. Meanwhile The angels discuss Jeanne being worthy of becoming a Holy Knight to defeat an awakened Bahamut, later granting her another holy weapon: a sword. Amira tells the others about when she first woke up from a long slumber and was given her necklace by an unknown figure, promising to fulfill her dream in Helheim. The King then calls the group before him and Amira points out her father to Favaro and the others, Jeanne D'Arc's lieutenant Lavalley. The King knights Favaro and Kaisar which Favaro begrudgingly accepts while Kaisar is ecstatic to have his honor restored. Elsewhere an injured Azazel confronts Beelzebub for scheming behind their leader Lucifer's back and as Beelzebub incinerates Azazel he reveals he's bringing about Judgement Day. The jealous King is tricked into thinking Jeanne is plotting his death after she is favored by the gods and not him. That night Favaro and Rita take Amira to see her father, Lavalley. Lavalley reveals Amira is half angel and half demon, her mother being the angel Nicole and that he is not her father but a human former bodyguard to her mother. When Amira was a baby the demons kidnapped her and accelerated her growth, Amira really being 5 years old. When Amira says she was promised to see her mother in Helheim if she stole the key Lavalley tells her that is impossible and uses the united pendents to reveal Nicole's true location: Prudisia, the Valley of the Demons.

9 - Decision in the Wailing Woods

Amira and Favaro slip out of the city while Rita causes a diversion and Lavalley tasks Kaisar to track them down in order to aid them in his stead. Back in the Capital Jeanne is framed by an unknown demon for attempted murder on the king as well as slaughtering of guards and the officer Gaurin. The Angels continue to fight to maintain the seal on Bahamut as it grows increasingly unstable. Kaisar catches up to Amira and Favaro in a forest where they are transported to an alternate space and free an imprisoned dragon when they remove a poisonous barb of Bahamut from his foot. The dragon reveals that when Amira's key meets the seal Bahamut will released, as it has been countless times before. Meanwhile the god clan and demon clan accuse the other of plotting against them and amass their forces to crush the other. Amira cries when she learns the world will end because of her, meaning her mother's death though Favaro resolves to change fate after enduring a vision of Bahamut and recalling his father's words. The King orders the death of Jeanne by burning at the stake and commands Lavalley to capture and kill any of her supporters while beneath the castle Rita investigates the cause of madness and trickery. The trio arrive in Prudisia while Favaro is troubled by what the dragon told him: Should Amira ever be close to Bahamut, she'll fuse with it permanently due to her god and demon blood as only a human vessel can maintain the seal; only the way to prevent the fusing is to kill Amira.

10 - Helheim, Land of Lies

Rita escapes from the castle after being confronted by a suspicious cloaked man who threatens to dispose of her. Meanwhile the King proceeds with Jeanne D'Arc's death sentence for deceit and conspiracy carried out before a crowd of protesters who proclaim her innocence. As Jeanne burns she faces fiery visions of the gods forsaking her, including her patron angel, causing her to accept the words of the cloaked demon. Jeanne is converted from a saint into a witch by the demon and she escapes the capital by wielding a fierce and dark power as she is now a demon. Meanwhile Favaro thinks over the dragon's words of killing Amira as the trio continues their journey to find Amira's mother. They are intercepted by the cloaked man who is the same demon who tricked the king as well as Jeanne; Amira reveals him to be her mentor Martinet who in turn tells them they are in Helheim. Rita seeks out Bacchus and inquires about Martinet but the two run into a severely injured Azazel. The demon lord Beelzebub appears before the trio, capturing Kaisar and Favaro, telling Amira to fulfill her purpose before showing her mother. Martinet reveals in actually Beezlebub recreated Amira from Nicole as an imitation vessel and he is her "true" birth parent as all Amira's memories are fabricated since as she is a mere tool to release Bahamut. Amira's compromised emotional state causes the key's seal to unlock, falling into the demon's hands as the completed Transcendent Key. Azazel agrees to help Rita if she takes him to Abos while Favaro pretends to join the demons but Martient sees through the plan and forcibly makes Favaro a demon.

11 - All Roads Lead to Abos

With Favaro transformed into a demon, he is now under their control. Beezlebub and Martient prepare Amira for transportation but not before blasting Kaisar away to fall into the depths below. The god clan attempt to maintain the seal on Bahamut but sense the presence of the Transcendent Key now that it is formed. Meanwhile Azazel converses with Rita and Bacchus, revealing that Beezlebub is the one behind Amira's actions as well Martinet; Rita theorizes Martient is not a demon like Beezlebub. While protecting the seal the angels are attacked by the corrupted Jeanne who slays Raphael and Uriel before going after Michael. Kaisar is saved by Bacchus in his flying carriage only to be attacked by Jeanne. While Bacchus fights Jeanne, Rita gives Kaisar a cure she made for the demon transformation and he taunts Azazel into helping him. Rita attempts to administer the last of the antidotes to Jeanne but fails only for Michael to successfully give it to Jeanne through a kiss after she impales him. Jeanne is freed, turning back into a saint while Michael's physical form disappears and he reassures her the world needs her. As Beezlebub prepares to destroy the angels protecting Bahamut's barrier Azazel attacks him and engages in battle for revenge. Kaisar duels with the demonic Favaro and upon seeing how he's become a true demon shoots him in the chest. Amira emerges from the Transcendent Key's orb, now with angel's wings. Lavalley appears before Kaisar, only for Rita to warn to get way from the knight. With the barrier fallen Bahamut beings to absorb Amira while everyone looks on helplessly; as Kaisar watches in disbelief Lavalley shoves him over the edge of the flying fortress before reveling in Bahamut's awakening.

12 - Rage of Bahamut

Beelzebub declares the war between demons and gods over with Bahamut's awakening as he is its master, and commands the gods to bow before him. He then orders the great dragon to unleash its power to which it attacks Beelzebub before proceeding to blast everything in sight. Rita manages to save Kaisar and reveals that Lavalley is really, Gilles de Rais, a sorcerer with a bounty who is the one behind Bahamut's revival as well as all the deception. The demons and gods team up to fight against the uncontrollable Bahamut. Kaisar attempts to attack Lavalley only to find they have no effect before Lavalley reveals he is Martient as well. Elsewhere a heavily wounded Beelzebub curses Martient's deception of using Amira to be able control Bahamut before Azazel finishes him off, ending his revenge. A bloody Favaro appears, revealing he's not dead and begins combat against Kaisar seemingly by Lavalley's command. Favaro gains the upper hand before proceeding to cut Kaisar's hand off, presenting it with the bounty armband to Lavalley. Favaro catches Lavalley off guard by warning him about having a bounty on his head before Kaidar recites the bounty armband's incantation thus turning Lavalley into a bounty tablet. As Rita tends to Kaisar's wounds Favaro reveals that Kaisar managed to shoot him with the antidote, turning him back to normal and the fight was an act. As Bahamut continues to rage Favaro declares it's up to him to stop it and he'll kill Amira as it's the only way to stop the beast as well free her from sadness. Kaisar decides to join Favaro to save Amira, still believing there is a chance to separate her from Bahamut. In order keep Bahamut still for a minute the demons and gods work together to contain the beast to allow Favaro and Kaisar to approach it. With tears in his eyes Favaro screams Amira's name as he stabs Bahamut, unleashing a beam of light. Amira then appears before him, chiding him for being late and he promises to take her somewhere better than Helheim. Amira proceeds to kiss Favaro after realizing he isn't lying when he meets her with a serious, sincere gaze. She thanks Favaro before disappearing back inside Bahamut, causing the beast to explode though Kaisar escapes, leaving Favaro to be caught up in the blast that destroys his leg. Half a year later in the royal capital Kaisar, given a mechanical hand from Rita, commands the soldiers as a lieutenant with his knighthood intact. Favaro is alive with a mechanical right leg and is back to bounty hunting though he remarks Bahamut will never be forever gone. Kaisar then suddenly appears, forsaking his knightly duties, swearing not to be in Favaro's debt and the two ride off.