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Sasaki and Miyano (2022)

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Miyano passa seus dias pacificamente lendo mangás e histórias de Boy’s Love (yaoi) e se preocupando com a aparência feminina em seu rosto, até que um encontro casual leva a uma briga com seu senpai Sasaki. Intrigado com a fonte de entretenimento de seu kouhai, o delinquente Sasaki começará a aproveitar todas as oportunidades que pode para se aproximar dele…

Elenco principal

Yusuke Shirai

Yusuke Shirai

Shuumei Sasaki (voice)
Soma Saito

Soma Saito

Yoshikazu Miyano (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Taiga Hirano (voice)
Yuki Ono

Yuki Ono

Jirou Ogasawara (voice)
Yuma Uchida

Yuma Uchida

Masato Hanzawa (voice)
Ryohei Arai

Ryohei Arai

Tasuku Kuresawa (voice)
Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Gonsaburou Tashiro (voice)


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1 - First Time

A schoolyard fight leads to a chance encounter between Miyano and Sasaki. As their friendship blossoms and Miyano introduces Sasaki to Boys' Love manga, Sasaki wrestles with newfound and unfamiliar feelings.

2 - Someone I Like

The school year slowly marches forward. As Sasaki and Miyano's relationship deepens, the other guys at school take notice. Sasaki struggles with the intensity of his feelings.

3 - Senpai Is...

As Miyano continues lending Sasaki BL manga, he worries he might be bringing Sasaki negative attention. Miyano begins to question the nature of Sasaki's relationship with him.

4 - Limit

Sasaki becomes less and less able to hide his feelings. Ogasawara gets fujoshi help from a fudanshi. Miyano continues to question his relationship with Sasaki.

5 - Bit by Bit

Sasaki finally decides to tell Miyano how he feels. However, Sasaki's nerves get to him and make him say the wrong thing. Can he find a way to fix his mistake?

6 - Feelings

Miyano struggles to define his feelings for Sasaki, but in a rare moment alone with Sasaki, Miyano finds the the courage to open up about his feelings.

7 - I Don't Want to Pressure Him

As Sasaki does his best to wait patiently for Miyano's answer about his feelings, a familiar face from Miyano's past gives Miyano a new perspective.

8 - Realization

Ogasawara gets Miyano's help with another lovers' quarrel. Preparations for the cultural festival begin in earnest. As the Chairman helps Miyano with his look for the cross-dressing competition, Miyano seeks his wisdom about love.

9 - I Want to Take Care of You, Senpai

Miyano struggles to figure out what to tell Sasaki. Sasaki gets sick. The day of the cultural festival finally arrives.

10 - Love

The Cultural Festival begins and everyone is focused on their attractions. Miyano arranges with her senpai to have lunch together and check around. Meanwhile, he continues to reflect on his feelings towards Sasaki.

11 - What Do I Do About These Feelings?

Miyano finally knows how he feels. Despite his newfound confidence in his feelings, Miyano struggles to find the right time to tell Sasaki. Did he wait too long?

12 - Tomorrow

Now that Miyano is sure of his feelings, he can finally tell Sasaki. However, a misunderstanding threatens to derail everything.