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Ninguém Mandou Se Meter com a Gente (2022)

Família Drama Mistério26m


Três líderes de torcida de uma escola de elite se unem para lutar contra as injustiças e combater o bullying nesta série de suspense adolescente.

Elenco principal

Lashay Anderson

Lashay Anderson

Clara Harris
Amelia Brooks

Amelia Brooks

Grace Ellington
Ashling O’Shea

Ashling O’Shea

Rumi Joshi
Ramanique Ahluwalia

Ramanique Ahluwalia

Renee Bailey

Renee Bailey



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1 - Get Going

A shocking accident forces Clara, Grace and Rumi to take matters into their own hands. Grace worries about her campaign, Clara faces disappointment and Rumi gets good news.

2 - Get Bad

A reborn DGM embark on a daring operation to expose the bully, but a surprising encounter makes it worthwhile.

3 - Get Messy

Clara’s suspicious about Reece and this leads to a shocking revelation. Jess makes Rumi come to a big decision about her future, while Grace is excited about her first date.

4 - Get Closer

It’s the rugby final at Bannerman & Grace is worries Evan will be the next victim of the mysterious X. Jess surprises Rumi & Clara gets a thrilling opportunity.

5 - Get Dressed

DGM discover a vital clue to X’s identity. A secret threatens to ruin everything between Rumi &Jess. Grace receives a devastating shock. Sam challenges the school’s dress code.

6 - Get Caught

DGM get closer to solving the mystery, but X strikes again. Miles is angry with Grace. Clara is shocked by Rumi’s news and Rumi decides she needs to tell her parents the truth.

7 - Get Mad

DGM discover the truth, but resentments threaten the girls’ friendship. Grace makes a startling speech at the Presidential debate and Evan misjudges the moment.

8 - Get Even

It’s the day of the Cheer competition and DGM have to expose the truth. Jess surprises Rumi, while Evan has a confession for Grace. Clara has an emotional talk with her dad.