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Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (2016)

Animação Comédia Drama25m


Nosso protagonista inocente pede em casamento uma personagem mulher num jogo online, apenas para descobrir que o jogador na verdade era um homem VELHO. Traumatizado com isso, ele decide nunca mais confiar numa garota, mas agora, dois anos depois, uma jogadora pede ele em casamento. o que vai acontecer?

Elenco principal

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Hideki Nishimura (Rusian [Game Name]) (Main Character)
Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka

Ako Tamaki (Ako [Game Name]) (Main Character)
Inori Minase

Inori Minase

Akane Segawa (Schwein [Game Name]) (Main Character)
Mao Ichimichi

Mao Ichimichi

Kyou Goshouin (Apricot [Game Name]) (Main Character)
Hitomi Ohwada

Hitomi Ohwada

Nanako Akiyama (Sette [Game Name])
Yoshino Nanjo

Yoshino Nanjo

Yui Saitou (Nekohime [Game Name])
Seiichiro Yamashita

Seiichiro Yamashita

Koji Yusa

Koji Yusa

Black Magician
Megumi Takamoto

Megumi Takamoto

Ako's mother


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1 - E você pensou que nunca existiria uma menina online

Hardcore otaku Hideki Nishimura enjoys playing a net game with other members of his online guild, and finally agrees to marry one within the game. However, when he finally meets his "wife" in real life, she is not exactly what he expects.

2 - Eu pensei que não poderíamos jogar jogos online na escola

Having met his other in-game guild members in real life, Hideki begins to picture them in their characters' places. Ako's behavior at school the next day makes it clear that she has trouble separating the game from reality.

3 - Eu pensei que jogos online e a realidade eram diferente

During their first club meeting, Akane is delighted by her faster machine, Ako gets a lesson in dressing for the occasion, and Kyoh is prevented from using her premium equipment. However, the line between game and reality becomes more blurred.

4 - Eu pensei que seu segredo não seria exposto

When its members admit that sometimes the line between the game and reality becomes blurred for them, Saito considers the possibility of dissolving the club. The others try to help Ako deal with unwanted attention from her classmates.

5 - Eu pensei que reencarnar me daria minha grande chance

Ako asks to play a different game during the club meeting, and Kyoh suggests a first-person shooter. Ako feels threatened when she thinks Nanako is interested in Hideki, and withdraws from both school and her friends.

6 - Eu pensei se eu declara meu amor, eu tinha certeza de ter sucesso

Hideki is nervous about revealing his true feelings for Ako before summer vacation. When the first term's final exams draw near, everyone rallies behind Ako, who is in danger of flunking the term, in order to make sure that she passes.

7 - Eu pensei que se eu fosse para a praia, eu me tornaria uma Normie

The club members hold their summer club camp at a cottage by the sea, with the provision that for 24 hours, none of them are allowed to connect to the net. The others try to make the camp a memorable experience for Ako.

8 - Eu pensei que estava dando para ser um marido de jogo online

When Hideki is dumped out of his game of Legendary Age and cannot get back in, he soon realizes that his account has been hijacked by someone else. However, before he can do anything to stop them, the damage is already done.

9 - Eu pensei, se ficássemos, nós nos encontraríamos melhor

To persuade Ako to get cracking on her summer vacation homework, the girls have a study session sleepover at Kyoh's gigantic house. However, without Hideki around to keep Ako under control, things soon get out of hand.

10 - Eu pensei que fariamos o nosso melhor no festival de cultura

The Net Game Club members find that they are obliged to take part in the upcoming school culture festival. However, they are at a loss as to what presentation to make, until Kyoh has an idea that coincides with Legendary Age's fall update.

11 - Eu pensei que poderíamos ganhar por delegar a outros

Rusian and the others include Nekohime and Sette, and recruit the top-ranked PvP guild "Wallenstein" to bolster their ranks. With the additional help, Guild Alley Cats charges in to take over Fort Cantor, but not everything goes according to plan.

12 - Minha esposa de jogo online é uma garota!

With only one chance to take back Fort Cantor from Wallenstein, Kyo explains her plan to the others of taking and defending the castle until time runs out.