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Marvel Anime: Blade (2011)

Animação Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy25m


A história gira em torno de Blade, um caçador de vampiros, que nasceu mestiço (Humano-Vampiro) após um vampiro atacar sua mãe que ainda estava grávida. Em visita ao Japão em uma missão, Blade caça Deacon Frost, o vampiro que matou sua mãe. Blade enfrenta a "Existência", uma misteriosa organização composta por vampiros modificados geneticamente por Deacon Frost.

Elenco principal

Akio Otsuka

Akio Otsuka

Blade (voice)
Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto

Makoto (voice)
Tsutomu Isobe

Tsutomu Isobe

Deacon Frost (voice)
Osamu Saka

Osamu Saka

Noah Van Helsing (voice)


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1 - The Man, Blade

A nightclub is used by vampires to trap unsuspecting guests and feed on them. Just as the feast is about to start, Blade arrives looking for the ancient vampire who long ago infected his mother - Deacon Frost. However, he gets company.

2 - Mad World (A Night for the Living, a Mourning for the Dead)

Sakomizu, a middle-aged police detective in Osaka, is troubled by a recent series of missing Southeast Asian women. After he meets up with Blade, they discover that the chief of police is helping to provide local vampires with human blood.

3 - Vampire Hunter

Aboard a cargo ship heading for the Philippines, Blade departs Kobe Harbor hot on Deacon Frost's trail. Makoto, a young human female vampire hunter, is also on the ship. She seeks vengeance and her target is - Blade.

4 - Childhood Days (That Was Then, This Is Now)

Determined to rescue his mentor, Van Hesling, from the clutches of a pack of Mandurago vampires, Blade tracks him to a local slum in the Philippines. He also remembers his difficult childhood and the time he met his undead mother.

5 - Island Lights

Siquijor Island, the location of an Existence research facility, is home to the Berdugo tribe who have used white magic to keep vampires under control since ancient times. Against the wishes of the Berdugo, Blade and Makoto set out in search for Frost's facility.

6 - The Magic Medicine Man

A small village in Sumatra has been taken over by Frost's people. The men are forced to work in his silver mine, while all the women have been turned into vampires. The local medicine man believes he can cure them, but Blade doubts that.

7 - Day Walker and Mutant (Claws and Blades)

Blade and Makoto arrive in the lawless island city of Madripoor, where the weapons factory that Frost's men use to melt silver is located, and are instantly attacked by them. That's when Blade's old friend shows up - Wolverine.

8 - Eternal Apocalypse (Old Wounds, Fresh Blood)

In the jungles of Vietnam, Blade is attacked by a band of vampire ninjas led by Kikyo Mikage, an amoral master samurai with mutant powers similar to Wolverine's. G.I. Stan Davis, a victim of secret US weapons program, helps Blade.

9 - Teacher's and Student's Bonds

Blade has no choice but to fight the mutant assassin, Kikyo Mikage. While fighting, they remember the time when they were studying sword fighting together under the same master. However, their old master suddenly appears - now a vampire.

10 - To the Vortex of Sorrows (Sins of the Father)

Captured Blade is taken to the Existence research lab known as 'The Factory', in Cambodia, to be experimented on by Deacon Frost who divulges his own tragic personal history, twisted motives and awful ambitions. Makoto finds them.

11 - Partner

While in captivity and pushed to his limits, Blade struggles to regain control of himself as his allies attempt a daring rescue. Ironically, this gets Frost closer to his goal and Blade loses a friend. The vampire council is next.

12 - The Other Side of Darkness (The Final Glory of Deacon Frost)

Blade invades Amaurot, the City of Vampires and headquarters of Existence, while cutting his way through anything that stands between him and now evolved Deacon Frost. Frost's monstrosities fight back, but Blade gets surprise help.