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Mahou Shoujo Ore (2018)

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"O amor fortalece a mulher." Saki Uno é uma idol batalhadora, membro de uma nova unidade chamada Magical Twin. Ela sofre de amores por Mohiro Mikage, irmão mais velho de sua colega de dupla Sakuyo, e membro da famosa unidade STAR?PRINCE. Ela está disposta a fazer de tudo por ele... Até que, um dia, esses sentimentos realizaram um milagre. Sua intensa vontade de proteger alguém a transformou numa garota mágica... Mas uma garota mágica bem diferente do que estava esperando.

Elenco principal

Ayaka Ohashi

Ayaka Ohashi

Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito Ishikawa

Sachika Misawa

Sachika Misawa

Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano



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1 - Magical Girl - Transform

Uno Saki is a 15 year old girl trying to make it (unsuccessfully) as an idol singer. One day, on her way home from a concert, she notices a violent-looking man trying to break into her home...

2 - Magical Girl - Ore

Saki has become a magical girl to save her beloved Mohiro! Fortunately, Mohiro doesn't recognize her behind her disguise. Unfortunately, he's not the only one who was watching her fight...

3 - Magical Girl - Another

Sakuyo has transformed using love power to save Saki from a scary situation. As Saki struggles with how to react, Sakuyo tells a tale of their youth, and reveals to her friend her true feelings!

4 - Magical Girl - Versus Cyborg

Saki and Sakuya are getting their first TV booking as Magical Girl idols! But when a nervous Saki runs into Mohiro at the studio, she notices a strange man clinging to him...

5 - Magical Girl - On Vacation

Exhausted by their lives as magical girl idols, Saki and Sakuyo take a well-deserved vacation in Okinawa. Could this be the long-awaited swimsuit episode?!

6 - Magical Girl - Hot Springs Business

Saki and Sakuyo visit a hot springs town for their first performance in a while as Magical Twins. But as it happens, Mohiro and Hyoe are also there shooting a PV...

7 - Magical Girl - Lesson

At last, the magical girls are getting the major CD debut they've been dreaming of! But their manager Konami insists they go to karaoke for training...

8 - Magical Girl - Meet-and-Greet

Saki and Sakuyo are making waves as idols with their first hit CD. At a joint meet-and-greet with Star Prince and PRISMA, they interact with waves of fans. But one unwelcome visitor has infiltrated their ranks...

9 - Magical Girl - Another and Another

While Saki and Sakuyo are on the rise, the idol unit PRISMA is suffering from a shrinking fanbase. Then one day, a man calling himself a magical girl scout comes and makes them an offer they can't refuse!

10 - Magical Girl - Stalking

Saki and Sakuyo finally realize that Hyoe is the common figure involved in all the demon incidents! In order to track his activities, they opt to disguise themselves and follow him and Mohiro around town.

11 - Magical Girl – Final Battle

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12 - Magical Girl - Watashi

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