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Lance N Masques (2015)

Action & Adventure Animação25m


Essa é a história de Hanafusa Yotaro, um jovem que é parte dos últimos remanescentes da ordem dos cavaleiros no século XXI, chamada de “Knights of the World” (Cavaleiros do Mundo). Enquanto ele luta como um Cavaleiro de Lança, deve esconder sua identidade atrás de uma máscara.


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1 - He's a Real Hero

Yotaro has self-described White Knight Syndrome. He hears Kidoin Makio's scream, and rushes to her rescue.

2 - Are You Prepared?

Yotaro decides that he can't let Makio live in her huge mansion all by herself.

3 - I Am Here Now, My Lady

Makio was to be taken overseas by her father. Yotaro intervenes, but finds Alice injured.

4 - Daddy

Yotaro becomes the target of a revenge after he'd defeated Kongoji in a duel.

5 - From Now On, We're Family

Yotaro's classmate, Sae, is abducted by Yuyan.

6 - Just This Once!

Yufeng joins the family, and they all go to the hot springs together. But there's always one person missing.

7 - Be Mine

Yuyan and Yotaro are abducted by the chair of the East Asia branch of the World Knights organization.

8 - Give Me Courage

Mao and the others go against Yoriko's command to stay put, and sneak to the town where Yotaro was hidden in order to help find him.

9 - Charge

Yotaro and the gang confront the Four Gods.

10 - Be Who You Want to Be

The battle between the Four Gods and Yotaro's family comes to an unexpected close.

11 - Knighthood

Yotaro and the gang are once again abducted by a Knights of the World branch director.

12 - That's Why I am a Knight

Yotaro's duels his father, Shin.