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Kono Oto Tomare! (2019)

Animação Drama Comédia24m


Desde a graduação dos membros seniores do clube, Takezou acaba se tornando o único membro do clube de Koto. Agora que o novo ano escolar começou, Takezou terá que procurar novos membros para o clube, ou ele será cancelado. Do nada, um novo membro aparece na quase abandonada sala do clube, pedindo para se juntar. Como Takezou será capaz de manter seu clube vivo e lidar com esse malandro como novo membro?

Elenco principal

Atsumi Tanezaki

Atsumi Tanezaki

Houzuki Satowa (voice)
Yuma Uchida

Yuma Uchida

Kudoo Chika (voice)
Junya Enoki

Junya Enoki

Kurata Takezou (voice)
Haruki Ishiya

Haruki Ishiya

Adachi Saneyasu (voice)
Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi

Kanzaki Mio (voice)
Sara Matsumoto

Sara Matsumoto

Kurusu Hiro (voice)
Yuichi Iguchi

Yuichi Iguchi

Mizuhara Kouta (voice)
Makoto Furukawa

Makoto Furukawa

Sakai Michitaka (voice)
Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yoshimasa Hosoya

Takaoka Tetsuki (voice)


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1 - New Club Members

It's Takezo Kurata's 3rd year at Tokise High and he's now the sole member of the Koto Club after his upperclassmen graduated. If no new students join, the club will be disbanded. He's in for a shock, however, when Chika Kudo, a delinquent, joins the club.

2 - Having What It Takes

It's time to entice more first years into joining the koto club. Even though Takezo's solo performance doesn't seem to capture the crowd, the beautiful Satowa Hozuki suddenly shows up asking permission to join.

3 - The Koto Club Reborn

Even though the instruments will soon be repaired, the club is still in need of more members or it'll be disbanded. Fortunately, Chika's old friends Saneyasu Adachi, Michitaka Sakai and Kota Mizuhara seem to be interested in joining.

4 - The First Resounding Note

The club members are having trouble learning the piece for their upcoming performance and being so naturally talented is making it hard for Satowa to know how to teach everyone. Will the club really be able to learn this piece in time?

5 - Let Our Sound Resound and Reach Them

It's almost time for the clubs big performance. They need to satisfy the whole school or the club will be disbanded! They're all nervous and the crowd seems displeased from the get-go. Can they do it?

6 - An Invisible Boundary

A new member, Hiro Kurusu, has joined the koto club. She's a second year student from the same class as Takezo. He hasn't talked to her much but she seems nice. Will she get along with the members of the club?

7 - Unknown Sounds

Both Chika and Hiro now know Satowa's secret. Now, Hiro plans to stir more trouble within the club with this new information. How will Hiro's meddling affect the club? Will their bonds prevail?

8 - A Sign

Chika and the other club members are having trouble understanding Satowa's instruction. Later, 2 girls from the elite Himesaka Girls Academy randomly show up at the clubroom that seem to know Satowa!

9 - A Piercing Sound

The koto club gets to hear Kanagawa's number 1, Himesaka, perform at Meiryo high school. Overwhelmed by the performance, Takezo seems shaken and it seems to have an effect on the whole group.

10 - Near Yet Far

The club decide to do a training camp so they can really focus on practicing their next piece. However, while everyone else seems to be improving, Kota's still struggling and feels left behind.

11 - The Sound We Were Searching For

The training camp has come to an end and the High School Students' Kanto Region Traditional Japanese Music Festival is finally around the corner. To the gang's surprise, the koto clubs from Meiryo and Himesaka are participating in the festival too.

12 - Rivals

Meiryo's brilliant performance has rattled some of the koto club members from Tokise. More schools perform but none seem to compare. Takezo's Aunt Isaki, however, doesn't seem so impressed by everyone's performances.

13 - Kuon

It’s nearing Takezo’s and the other’s time to perform but Chika’s hand injury is starting to really swell up. He’s determined to still perform with the others but is that a decision they will regret?