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Komori-san Wa Kotowarenai! (2015)

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Syuri Komori é uma menina de 14 anos de idade, por ser tão boa, ela não consegue recusar o pedido de ninguém . Ela ganha habilidades incríveis enquanto ela cumpre pedido das pessoas. Há muitas coisas boas e divertido em sua vida, além de ela ser uma adolescente estudante do ensino médio.

Elenco principal

Aya Uchida

Aya Uchida

Shuri Komori (voice)
Maria Naganawa

Maria Naganawa

Masako Negishi (voice)
Ari Ozawa

Ari Ozawa

Megumi Nishitori (voice)
Reiina Takeshita

Reiina Takeshita

Kurou Otani (voice)


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1 - Komori-san Gets Requests?

Komori Shuri is fifteen years old, and for some reason, people often rely on her.

2 - Komori-san is Strong!

The girls think that Komori-san acts a little bit too much like a guy, but they realize quickly their assumptions may have been incorrect…

3 - Komori-san is Popular!

Shuri can't decline the absurd requests Megumi and Masako throw at her. Looking at how everyone in class relies on Shuri, Megumi comes to a realization and…

4 - Komori-san Can Do Anything?

The athletic Shuri gets asked to participate in the volleyball team's match, but she finds it hard to make plays. Megumi gets worried about her and…

5 - Negishi-san Has It All Covered!

Megumi gets the feeling that Shuri declines her often, and Masako, who insists she won't be declined, seems to be relied upon frequently as the class rep.

6 - Ootani-kun wants to be relied on!

Otani proclaims he will never ask Shuri for help, and Shuri says he'll let Otani take care of everything himself, but...

7 - The Pool Gets Your Heart Racing!

Summer is here and the students are out to clean the pool. Everyone asks Shuri for help, but Otani can only feel jealous of Shuri instead...

8 - Summer Is for Having Fun!

Summer is here, and as a break from studying, the three girls go to the beach. The next thing they know Megumi isn't with them...

9 - Festivals Are Bittersweet!

Shuri makes plans to have fun with her friends Megumi and Masako at a local bazaar, but Shuri keeps getting asked to help with things...

10 - It's Hard to Decide on a Future Path!

Shuri can't decide what she wants to be when she grows up.

11 - It's Easy to Catch Cold This Time of Year!

Komari visits her sick friends.

12 - Komori-san Can't Decline

Shuri, which looks different from usual, is somewhat vague. Megumi and Masako who are worried do not understand well. It was Otani who noticed the reason ...